Another long season comming.

Wow. What is going on?

Coaching: That was some pretty poor coaching. For example...Why keep calling that USELESS hitch play? IT WASN'T WORKING! It's one thing not to even use it at a set up to go deep, but to keep trying it when you're down late in the game is bush league.
I thought calling a run play that hasn't worked on the 1st play of the 2nd half was a HUGE mistake. Why not put it in the air??? The momentum was OURS.
Also, WHY KEEP GOING TO RANEK??? Give the ball to Holmes! He destroyed last week. Bah. Too many mistakes to mention.

Jason Maas: He is not impressing me at all. All bark so far. He had every opportunity to win it last week and left the D hung out to dry several times today.

Boreham: :expressionless:

Ranek: 50% at BEST. Why was he playing.

Flemming: Terrible. Why even pay him.

If our big players don't start to play and if our coaching doesn't wake up...Be prepared to miss the playoffs.

Maybe some of the new faces on the team should be young, quick, exciting players (who recruits for us anyway) rather than aging vets who have peak and are on the decline. I was optimistic this year but these last two games seem like Deja Veus all over. Someone turn the light on for Marshall so he can see what is actually happening out there

after all that money spent, still the same start as last year…0-2 and in the familiar eastern BASEMENT

TOO depressed to write any more. May be next week.

There there, mailer77 it could be worse.

Anybody want to trade this year's roster for last year's roster?

When we beat Calgary and the ARGOS lose we`ll be tied .