Another Lions late season Collapse?????????????????

:lol: Did we witness the beginning of another Lions late season collapse. Once the late fall weather comes the Lions traditionally can't handle it. I foresee the Lions going down again with the Riders going through to the Grey Cup in Winnipeg. Wally, why can't you win at the end of the season??????????

Riders Rule
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well with that collapse :stuck_out_tongue: i go 4 - 0 :rockin: this week


dream dream dream


Wouldnt you rather beat a strong lions team, than one that just "colapsed"?

You are just angry that the leos failed to give your team a chance at second, right?

Well, I am ticked with wally too for not using a time out and making a better effort to win, as I too wanted the riders in second.

I would hardly call losing a meaningless game after locking up first a collapse. Idiots on this board never cease to amaze me.

Mirror talking again I see!

no kidding.. 1 game is not a collapse

This loss is not unexpected and BC is still on schedule to win the grey cup. Strategically, BC benefits from Calgary clinching second place to ensure a harder path for Saskatchewan in the playoffs. Do not be surprised when BC bounce back soon against Hamilton in the next game.

Well last year's west final was pretty dull to me because BC didn't deserve to even be there. I think this year's Lions are a lot more consistent and do deserve it, so whether it's Calgary or Saskatchewan I think it'll be a good game. Plus the Stamps proved they can finalyl beat BC, but maybe not in BC Place so I dunno x_x

Chances are BC makes it to the GC but loses it again from a bonehead decision by Wally.

I beleive BC will colapse in the west final against the Riders and go on to Winterpeg and get there butts kicked by whom ever comes out of the east. Winnipeg, Montreal or Toronto can get the bye to east final. I would love to see the Bombers beat the Riders just to see Derrick Armstrong rub in the Riders faces.

The only team that has beat Calgary IN Calgary this year is B.C., i dont see the Riders having much of a chance at getting past the stamps in the West semi, and the leos will have lots of rust by the time the stamps role in the town for the West final.

Unfortunately the playoffs is different then the regular season anyone can win. As long as there is a game there is a a chance of winning. If not the riders should just not show up. Anyone can win thats hope it is the home team for the semi instead of thinking it is garaunteed.

See, I disagree with you. Everybody, except for Glen Suitor..., is acting like the Stampeders are just gonna walk all over the Riders like it's taking candy from a baby. It's not like that. I dont think the game (west semi) will be as easy as people think it will be.

Does anybody honestly believe that BC wanted the Riders to finish 2nd? BC couldnt touch the riders this year. They arent gonna try to make the road any easier for the Riders (Would you if you got your asses handed to you like that all year?), expecially the way BC kicked the sh*t out of Calgary this season despite the loss today.

BC took it easy today, they didn't play with any intensity because they knew it didn't matter to them if they won or lost.

BTW, JJ did a pretty decent job...better that ANY of the 2nd stringers anywhere else in the league.

True enough.. and for the third time today I will say BC will come out of the west, because the Stamps can't win in BC Place.. and the Riders can't win at McMahon.

.....and the Riders couldn't beat Montreal.....just sayin' anything can happen.....

So, if BC collapses in the final, how can BC go on to Winterpeg?

haha! good question... Now Umaga, whatever that means, would be so kind as to explain to us what you were trying to say?

Good bait again Turkey, except you forgot one important thing!

All our remaining games are indoors except the last one ! 8) 8) 8)

Bring on the BLIZZARDS! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Sportsmen, what if the last one is indoors?? :wink: