Another Lion locked up

Aaron Hunt signed up for another two years. Makes me feel a bit better as we lost Cam Wake and Tyrone Williams. Heh, maybe with Cam gone he'll be able to rack up some more sacks this year!

Yes that was a good signing. :thup: :thup:

Glatt just got an extention too! My main concern was the D for this season but it looks like that is quickly being taken care of.
I am still a bit worried when Tyrone Williams plays against us, he's one daaaamn strong boy!

We still have some holes to fill on defense. BOTH Williams and Wake will be difficult holes to fill.

For sure but the Lions are doing a lot of smart things so far. I'm not saying our D will be as good as last year but they're on the right path to get back to that calibre so far.

Yes resigning Jackson, Pierce, Hunt, Glatt to name a few will re-affirm a strong base.

On a somewhat similar subject, I see Wally is off to Atlanta for a try out camp there. Hope we find some good prospects!

I'm still worried about runningback. Yeah we have somebody but it would make me feel better to have a few options and preferably somebody with some experiance. We've been lucky that we have such great scouts and find a lot of good talent who to most were unknowns. Lets hope they can work that magic again this year.
Also, is it preseason time yet????? :frowning:

I wouldn't worry about it too much Grims. Like you said we've had great scouting in the past from finding Gems and i don't see why that should stop anytime soon with Wally at the helm.

So what is the total off-season number?

The entire starting secondary — Marsh, Banks, Miles, Phillips Glover — along with Geroy, Glatt, Hunt, Sherko, Jiminez, P-Jack, McCallum, Wilson ... anyone else?
Great work by Wally.

It's a given they are going to miss Wake but at least a couple of these re-signed veterans are also going to have emerge as leaders as well, with Tyrone Williams no longer on the field or in the locker room.

The key guy for me this coming season is Brett Johnson who was somewhat in Wake's shadow the past couple of seasons. We need him back to the form he was on ’06 when he was named the league's top Canadian and Defensive player.