another kicker to invite to Camp Yes HE IS CANADIAN !..

Shaun Suisham #- PK
Shaun Suisham (December 29, 1981 in Wallaceburg, Ontario) is a placekicker for the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL. Prior to college, Suisham helped Wallaceburg District Secondary School win a Kent County championship in 1999 by kicking a 57-yard field goal in the final. He then attended Bowling Green State University and attended training camp with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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I hope the Ticats look at drafting a kicker/punter with one of their top picks in the draft. We've needed one for how many years now? And most of our top picks for other positions are not impact players anyway. There has to be another DeAngelis out there (who can kick as well as hit field goals).

His numbers are very unimpressive, based on his bio.
I wouldn't consider him because Jamie Boreham is already a better kicker than this guy is.

Nay, there are too many good players available in the first round to pass up on. I wouldnt mind taking a kicker in the 3rd or 4th though.

I guess Kevin Challenger at WR is only a tempting proposition to me.

Hi Everyone!....found five minutes so I'll give it all to this thread....(like that's a surprise?) :lol:

So, I'm thinking back here to right after the Grey Cup when in a press conference Wally Buono was asked why the sudden excellence by Paul McCallum (6-6 in the Cup) and why he had faith in him when others didn't.

Buono's answer?.....constant coaching of kickers which they all need....he said clearly that it's a bad error to just abandon kickers and leave them all by themselves without someone to guide them along all the time.

I've been saying that for three years now and only for a few months was Bernie Ruoff brought in to help out.....and what happened during those few months?....Boreham's field goal numbers jumped huge!....and his punting improved including accuracy to the corners when asked (which was most of the time)

Huge, huge mistake in my humble opinin to start running through an endless list of kickers when we already have a good one here (#30).....ask Ozzy what his numbers were at first? (yucky at best) and then he settled in to be one of the best kickers this franchise has ever seen.....if not the best...(Ruoff and Osbaldiston share top billing equally I think)

We have to be really clever here and not make a dumb move.

Thanks for reading my opinion on the kicking position and I wish you all a good night... :smiley:


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Mikey: I'm certainly with you on this one, but I would point out that Hamilton has rarely had bad kickers. Along with Ruoff and Ozzy a couple others come to mind that were in the same category:
Cam Fraser was one of the all time CFL best punters and he was complimented by Tip Logan's place kicking. These guys were on Grey Cup winners, but likely before your time.
I know there were a couple others, but dementia has taken a hold of my overworked brain at this time.

I recall only too well that while Ruoff tutored Boreham, he looked as good as anyone. If Jamie could be exceptional at kicking and punting next season, we wouldn't need two men for the job. It would likely be cheaper to keep a kicking coach/advisor on the payroll than to pay two guys to kick. Eventually, Jamie would do okay on his own, just as Ozzie did.

Yes Rocky, I never saw Cam Fraser play but I’ve heard Alan Thicke, huge Tiger-Cat fan, and star of the hit T.V. sitcom “Growing Pains” say many times that his favourite Tiger-Cat player is and always will be Cam Fraser…he used to go to Ticat games in Hamilton as a kid (when he could get down here) just to watch this kicker (and his Ticats of course) :cowboy: …

Can we Really Afford another Season of Inconsistent Kicking from Jamie Wide Right Boreham'.

I like Jamie as a Person but as kicker.
He no Paul and never will be..

No we Can't afford another
bad Season of kicking..
Bring someone who can Push Him for his Job

I don't care who ..
But the Free Ride for Mr Boreham is over

What I'd really like to see is you spell Mr Taffe's name correct in your signature creation or whatever that's not "Taff"

thanks "Onknight"..... :twisted:

Lesson learned here?.....Don't mess with #30!'ll pay from us, his fans!! :twisted:


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Word on the street is this Shaun Suisham has recently been signed to the Washington redskins practice roster.

Hey.... Don't forget that Tommy Joe was a pretty good kicker too

Mike a Personal Attack ..shame shame..
I did not say anything Personally about Jamie
What I Said about Jamie is just my Option of him as kicker..He is Awful..
Beside What dose My Signature have to do with this thread..

Completely off Topic.. So Normal for you..

Mikey, normally I'm pretty good humoured about what you have to say, even if I disagree with it. However, you, my friend, have just set a brand new low for yourself. Or maybe not? I don't know, but personal insults are uncalled for in a football discussion.

Jamie Boreham is 28 years old (or nearing it) he's not a kid fresh out of college, and hasn't been for some time. Development can only go so far, and I'm sorry, but if someone isn't improving, but in fact regressing after playing professionally for 3 years, then maybe he should be looking at another career. You can gab all you want about coaching, but during his "run" of it with the high kicking % he wasnt asked to make any really challenging kicks. He was making 10-40 yard connections. IMO those should be a given every time (even though it's unrealistic to expect it to be so). This year he struggled to make 30s, so what makes you think he's going to improve? Even with coaching he was not what one could call a franchise kicker. We have to face the music -- Boreham is a bust.

The guy can't punt, he can't placekick, and he can only kick-off with marginal success. We need those things out of a kicker. We don't have it, and we won't as long as we stick with Boreham. His time for development is over, we need him to be able to perform.

Also, the kicks made by McCallum during the Grey Cup were by no means challenging, besides that one long one. I expect any kicker to make those kicks. However, I guess after Boreham a performance like that must have knocked your socks off. The only reason McCallum deserved the MVP award was because he was most of his team's offense.

Also, did Ruoff or Ozzie need coaches to improve? I wouldn't know, you tell me.

Does anyone else see the irony in this statement?

Nonsensical ramblings? Poor punctuation? The mispelling of Coach T's name?

New low?…you guys are certainly funny. :lol:

maybe I should have put two (2) of these -------> :wink: in next time.

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For me the irony came when he insulted someone else for spelling Charlie's last name wrong... only to do it himself.

mikey its TAAFFE.

Parcell's rationale for cutting Vanderjagt was interesting.
He said he did some things well but the team just couldnt tolerate any more poor FG production and having to adjust play to compensate.
This from a franchise renown for its commitment to excellence which wouldnt even put up with iffy placekicking from an allstar, not even for ONE season.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, on the other hand, are tolerating it from a ,uh, non-allstar, going on three seasons.

yeah, we get it Crash ..... :lol: (had to throw you a bone as it's getting boring here.....hahaha)

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.....and no worries, if he gets hired, I'm sure his name will morph into "Taffey-Cat" by Mr. Peters....) Ken, I called it first!) :twisted:

Suisham's Canadian rights are held by the Esks from the Renegade dispersal draft, so you can forget the camp invite.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)