Another IFyou were the O.C thread

Interested to here what others would run against the Riders on offence., _ i don't see why they are subbing in lumsdens Backup?? get the ball in Lumsdens hands 30 plays a game .. :twisted:

The answer being it is good to get a fresh pair of legs in, and the chances of injury go down. Tre Smith is very talented to and has the capability to break one at any time.

You take what the Defence gives you. Lumsden, Smith AND Printers can handle the run. Lets hope we have rythme in the air.

i say on our first offensive play we do a play action to lumsden and then go deep to a Receiver :smiley:

Throw to Lumsden coming out of the back field. Run the hurryup offence to keep their def. on the field too long.

I'd have to see tapes of what Saskatchewan did their first two games and adapt our strengths on offence to that.

For all the "forum/arm chair coaches" out there, really nothing contributed in here.

You definitely have contributed nothing,, whoknows.

Give us your opinion, smartypants,
so somebody can take pot-shots at you.

The zone read worked great against Toronto, so I'd go back to it, except that I'd also utilize the screen pass more. With backs like Lumsden and Smith, who can both accelerate quickly, the screen pass is the perfect way to make an enemy front-four back off an aggressive pass rush. You get Lumsden the ball in open space and he will make things happen.

I would also give Printers more freedom to audible if he sees something he doesn't like on the line. I'll take his judgment over Bellefeuille's anyday.


There is the obvious switch from Toronto's 3-4 to Sask's 4-3. They provide a lot of pressure up the middle.

The zone reads worked well last game but Sask doesn't sit back in a zone like Toronto does. So the same result may be tough to repeat.

I would use the screen with Jesse on more occasions as well as getting him out to the flats, spreading out the linebackers.

Their focus is obviously on Jesse and getting him out to the flats should open up the inside passing game.


Jesse will be used as a decoy early in the game to keep the Riders D honest and off balance. By the second quarter Lumsden will start seeing the ball more and all hell will break loose... From the air ... from the ground.. and everything in between. But I'd go to the air a little more often against these Riders than the Cats did against the Argos. Watch out for Woodcock and Miles. I think they will emerge from this game as real threats.
Lumsden will put up good numbers. Expect 200+ all-purpose yards...
Optimistic yes, but I haven't felt this way in a long time. So I'm going to enjoy it.

8) I would get Tre Smith involved in this offence as much as possible !!! He is a great breakaway back with outstanding moves and speed. He definitely needs to be used more in the overall offensive scheme, besides just returning punts and kickoffs !!!
Besides, doesn't Jesse need a break every few plays to catch his breath ?????       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Keep doing what They are doing .
It ant broke don't change it

Keep doing what They are doing . It ant broke don't change it
My thoughts exactly. And a soon as they catch on, run a few fakes off it.

I like the fake handoff to Jesse and throw a bomb to start the game, but a 2 and out is a bit of downer to start out if it backfires.

I absolutely LOVE the idea of a Play Action DEEP Bomb to Mitchell on the OPENING play !

Lots of SWING Passes and HOT Reads to Jesse and Tre will be the order of the day ...

Football planning REQUIRES you find MISMATCHES and EXPLOIT them ... as far as I can tell ONE of the Riders STRENGTHS is their D-Line ... This is a game where Hamilton will NEED success in the Passing game to open up the RUN.

Our SB's will also need to STEP UP and get OPEN early, as I would EXPECT the aforementioned D-Line to be in casey's face EARLY and OFTEN.

Loooking forward to another W this Saturday ...


love to see caulley in there too and the three headed monster we could have.
keep jesse fresh and he'll still get his 20 carries for a 9 yd avg.

I would use the speed of the Cats running game to wear down the Rider D-line. I would move the pocket a lot, letting Casey use his legs to make things happen. I would use Tre Smith and his speed off-tackle to make the D run and chase him down. Lumsden's speed would be used on the outside as well. Anything to make the big guys on the D run and run. Later in the game I would smash the ball up the middle and let Lumsden run through, around, and over the tired line.

As the backfield moves up to support the run, take whatever they give up over the middle to keep them guessing. Over the LBs but under the backs. Also, using the long pass as the backers creep up. And, if Clovis gets in at safety, I would attack him all game.

The Riders D have not allowed a passing TD yet this year. They are very stout against the run as well. Maybe with a rookie QB starting, their D will be on the field for a long time and tire out faster. In short, make their big boys run and run.