another hunt cut by montreal

I was surprised when DT hunt was signed by montreal and still surprised with this release BUT something has to happen to get this crew back on track!!

[i]Cutting Hunt ain't enough! This is what would happen if Johnny were coach:

  • Fire Reinbold and hire Greg Marshall (or anyone else that could install a competent defense)
  • Revert to a 4-3 defense and let John Bowman rush the QB;
  • Hire a REAL special teams coach;

If no more changes are made, this season is going down the crapper in a hurry!!!!! :thdn: [/i]

Greg Marshall is sitting on two more years of HC money from Saskatchewan (roughly 700k) and his not available. He's also in line for a DC or HC job with Ottawa. Our guys need to fix this themselves. Jim said so. What is here is what we have for this season anyway. Things may very well play out as per your list but it won't be till this season is over.

As for Deslauriers. We already see that he's lost his starter's job to London and is striclty a utility blocker and special teams player from now on.

hunt cut. if i wasn’t sober i might have read that differently. :roll:

Oh nice one LMAO!

I'll say.... :slight_smile: