Another Head Coaching candidate?

Darrell Davis of the Regina Leader Post

says that Bob Price a former Alouette coach
is a candidate for our Head Coaching job.

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I hate to admit it but I don't remember this guy.

He has had an outstandingly versatile
coaching and playing background.

He has moved away from heavy coaching responsiblities
and has put his committment into recruiting lately.

He coached six seasons in the CFL.

He was head coach of the Montreal Alouettes in 1996.

He had a regular season record of 12-6 record.
and got the Als into the Eastern Division final.

In 1994-95, he was defensive coordinator, linebackers
and defensive backs coach for the Baltimore Stallions.

They got into the Grey Cup both seasons and won it in 1995.

In 1992-93 Price was defensive coordinator and
secondary coach for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

In 1991 he was the secondary coach with Ottawa.

We better have a plan B in place that we can act on quick. It's almost Christmas, and Taaffe taking his time signing with us is making me nervous.

[quote="ronfromtigertown"]Darrell Davis of the Regina Leader Post

says that Bob Price a former Alouette coach
is a candidate for our Head Coaching job.

I have vague memories of Price. It appears that he is a man constantly on the move, but his coaching record isn't too bad.
If all else fails, I suppose he could be an option.

It seems the Cats are the last job on Mr. Ts list, kind of like the Lumsden deal.

fialing that we could always use a real DC too.... :smiley:

A good defence may be the way to go, could give our O time to grow. :slight_smile:

as much crap as our defense takes, most of our star players (if you can call anyone on a 4-14 team a star player) were on Defense.

we’ve got some decent tools to work with back there, hell if Goss comes back that defense starts looking pretty good (aside from LBing)

You guys sound awfully pessimistic.

There are, judging by the list of candidates that Marcel has been working against, a veritable plethora of talented experienced coaches to chose from, Coach Price just being one of these.

The delay in signing our new head coach is due to our intensive efforts to identify the -best- Head Coach from among the list of interested candidates.

Stay tuned…

Wow.. Caretaker.. long time... glad to hear the encouraging words...hopefully the HC position is filled soon.. the ants are getting restless

While some of our favourite candidates sign with other teams…

tick, tick, tick.

I can see Kenny’s Headline now…“THE PRICE IS RIGHT”


but what is worse? that or "Taaffe-y Pulls Out Another Sticky Win"

or perhaps "Coach Declares Marshall Law"

or even "The Don Given an Offer He Couldn't Refuse"

Merry Christmas to our beloved Caretaker. :smiley:

Sometimes a delay is good like when you're peeved off at your boss after they just said something to you and you want to say something right away that might not be the best thing to say. Delay is quite all right for me to make the best decision possible.

Would it be prudent to refer to the head coach as Mr. X2 ?

Is the Caretaker is trying to steer us away from Charlie Taaffe?
If so…thats Bob Price and Greg Marshall (the other) who look like they are in the running. So far so good for plan B.

Don't worry ticats fans. To quote the Rasta prophet of a certain Argos RB:

"everyt'ing gonna be all right.
everyt'ing gonna be all right."

Head coach is the biggest hire of the franchise. There is no need to rush the biggest decision that will be made. It shows the wisdom of Hamilton management over that of Saskatchewan. Montreal is going to take over a year and a half to find their coach.

Go home, say your prayers, eat your Hulkamania vitamins, and dream dreams of Grey Cups and sugarplums dancing in your heads.

I must agree with you, Hamilton management is doing it right. Oskee Wee Wee...

Right, Bob.
As the saying goes: "once bitten, twice shy" or something to that effect. I suppose our 'eagerness' to hire Coach Marshall (who had 0 years CFL experience), & his track record, speaks for itself.
So it is prudent that Ticat Management be gun-shy, & take their time choosing the 'right' candidate.

Of course, money is always an issue, so it is a fine balance between the 'right' candidate, and the 'write' candidate (as in sign here on the dotted line...) - if you know what I mean.

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

There are a lot of assumptions on this thread and in the end, only one of them will be true.

Desjardins and Caretaker too, for that matter have done absolutetly nothing to incite any anger or outrage from anyone here. Thus far, they have kept their word and some of us are willing to accept that.

Lets give another week or so as is suggested and see what happens. I'm just about 100% certain, Taaffe will be the new head coach, but, of course, I'm not always right.

At any rate, lets put some trust in team ownership and management.