Another Head Coach Opening?

Not surprised, I guess, but I don't recall hearing or reading, before, the suggestion in Paragraph 6 of this article by Terry Jones in Edmonton:

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There was something last week...can't remember but maybe it was the Globe or about Ken Miller going upstairs.
At the time he was quoted as saying he was not sure he wanted to do that and may retire down in the US.
He's the oldest coach in the CFL right now. Looks like he will make a decision after the Grey Cup.
If his team wins it would be a perfect way for him to retire.

I would suggest our Greg Marshall would receive some consideration, however, they do have Gary Etcheverry there also.

I really hope Marshall stays in Hamilton ... if the club struggles early in the season, the team will be his.

There is chatter that this is Miller's last season as HC. He looked very cold yesterday so who could blame him for moving up to the booth or down south? It's also been said Richie Hall would be his ideal replacement.

Other than Trestman taking a NCAA job I would be surprised to see any other HC vacancies. The idea of Marcel moving upstairs to be groomed as Obie's replacement is intriguing especially if Dickenson or Milanovich take over as TiCat HC.

Interesting possibility for Richie Hall ... hope it works out for him.

Where did this rumour come from regarding Marcel?

Remember, Greg Marshall is the Assistant Head Coach ... if there are any changes to be made in Hamilton I would assume he gets the job.

Can't remember if I read that somewhere or came up with it on my own.

ockham wrote:

   "Other than Trestman taking a NCAA job..."

Ockham: The last I read about a year ago when there was discussion about Trestman's future...was that there was a chance for an NFL coaching job. It was probably the Raiders so I would not blame him for avoiding an "opportunity" like that!

diesel wrote:

           "Where did this rumour come from regarding Marcel?"

There was a piece in the Spec after the blue team loss :

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In the fourth paragraph there is a mention that the Caretaker would be meeting with Marcel to discuss his status...despite the misleading headline.
I have not seen any follow-up story on this yet.

His name has been bandied about for the U of Minnesota job recently. He's an alum and highly regarded, but from the sounds of things Minnesota is looking for a splashy, big-name hire.

blog: Any idea how much they are paying?

No, I don't. Tim Brewster (the recently fired Minnesota head coach) made, I believe, $1-million/year. Regardless of what the Gophers would be willing to pay, I think it would have to be more than Montreal is paying him. (Does anyone know what Trestman makes?) The call of the alma mater is hard to resist, so I think if they came knocking, he'd at least listen. I don't think he'll go, but the rumour is out there. Well have to wait and see.

Kent Austin went from being head coach of Saskatchewan and Grey Cup winner that year, to an assistant position at Ole Miss, his alma mater. He then became head coach at Cornell. I've read somewhere (perhaps here or in a clipping link) that his name has come up as one who might surface as head coach in Edmonton.

Why he would want to do that I don't know. Years ago coaches went straight from HC positions in the CFL to HC positions in the NFL... Bud Grant, Marv Levy, Mike Riley come to mind. But not any more. Nowadays they go to assistant positions at US universities.

I'd be surprised if Austin returned to the CFL. I would not be surprised to see Trestman move to Minnesota, though by all accounts he likes it in the CFL, and I hope he stays.

The reason I'd be surprised if Trestmen went to Minnesota is two-fold.

First, from the sounds of it, it does not seem like Montreal will let him leave easily. He still has, I believe, two years left on his deal and team has said they expect him to honour it and he has said he will honour it.

Secondly, while his name may carry some weight up here and at Minnesota, from what I've read, the Gophers will be looking to hire a BIG name. Mike Leach keeps coming up and he would carry significantly more cache in the US than Marc Trestman would.

If this was for an OC position (similar to Austin), then perhaps he's the guy. But this is a head coaching position at a Big Ten school that is in desperate need for some publicity. While Trestman is probably the right hire from an Xs and Os perspective (though, the question remains, how he would perform as a recruiter), a guy who is much more familiar with the college game, like Mike Leach, is probably going to be the guy that goes to Minnesota.

blog: Makes sense.
However if Montreal wins the Grey Cup again this year…what’s left for Trestman to prove? If he stays another year or two and does not win the Grey Cup again his stock could suffer. I can’t see Wetenhall preventing him from leaving if a lucrative offer is made to him.
If not the U of Minnesota, then maybe another high- paying college team…or the NFL… could be knocking on his door very quickly.

I don't understand the 'nothing left to prove' argument. By that logic, Don Matthews and Wally Buono should have quit the CFL after winning two Grey Cups.

Trestman has a very good situation in Montreal. He gets to spend his offseason in the States with his family; he gets paid good money for a CFL coach (I believe around 400k); he has a great GM who provides him with great talent; his team is a consistent winner with stable, supportive ownership located in one of the best places in Canada to live; and he doesn't have to deal with the incredible stress, pressure, and crazy workload of an NFL or U.S. college job. As a CFL coach, he can enjoy his job without being consumed by it.

At this stage in his life, would Trestman really be interested in uprooting his family to reenter the pressure-cooker of the NFL? He's already been in that world, and he knows how vicious and cut-throat it can be.

Agreed. I think that's what he likes about the CFL.... good calibre of ball, pretty decent paycheque, less stressful work environment, pleasant lifestyle.

If that isn't enough and a capable American coach wants more money and ego gratification, then he'll go south. If those things aren't the be-all and end-all for him, the CFL can be a good option.

discipline: Maybe you should have quoted the line after "...what's left for Trestman to prove?:

         " If he stays another year or two and does not win the Grey Cup again his stock could suffer."

I wrote this because Marc Trestman seems like very competitive chap. That's certainly the way his team plays. I just don't see him using your rationale of the "easy life" as a reason to stay.

discipline: my response to this got posted before yours. It's happened a few times in the past couple of days.

Maybe you have magical powers. The power of clairvoyance, perhaps? :lol:

blog wrote:

"Maybe you have magical powers. The power of clairvoyance, perhaps? :lol:"

blog: Yeah...that's funny. The closest I ever came to being clairvoyant was when I was calling for Charlie Taafe and Jason Maas to be on the next bus out of town. Me and hundreds of others. :lol: