Another Hamilton Tradition Gone...

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This City is depressed and falling apart, the ticats leaving will crumble this City, I have had enough, time to move to Burlington !!

Think of all the lost parking ticket revenue.

No wonder we can't afford the stadium. It's the Festival's fault.

I remember when a good job was a real Hamilton tradition. I remember when it was easy to find a good job one of the best cities in the country to find a good job. :frowning:

Hold the event at WH. RTH and the left wing pundits have said there is plently of parking there, enough for a stadium. Come on down ................

I thought i'd be living here my whole life but this place is going to hell so i'm out asap.

Why won't they hold it at the WH?

oh, that's right limited access to the harbour and NOT ENOUGH PARKING!!

I wonder if Capt. Kirk and his crew will boycott?

I definitely agree with catfish in that it's nearly impossible to find a decent job in Hamilton these days. You have to leave this city whether you want to or not. It's been well-documented that a huge number of Hamilton citizens have to leave this city in order to get to their jobs every day. It's a dirty shame, but the sad truth. To illustrate this further, I've only worked a total of 7 months since June, 2007. During that time, I've been laid off 4 times (even though 2 of those jobs were in Burlington). I've been thinking a long time about whether or not it would be worth my while to move to a completely different area, or even a different province. I'd hate to do that, since I was born and raised here in Hamilton, but it may ultimately become necessary. Watching the Ticats slowly moving away from here only makes it worse than it already is in Hamilton. :?

So an event has gotten so succesful it has outgrown its previous site and chooses to move to another part of greater Ham. better suited to its needs and goals.

Why am I supposed to be upset at this ?

Why is success seen as a negative ?

The Festival of Friends started the year after I moved to Hamilton. It was established in order to improve the quality of life, and it was a needed addition . If the Festival has out grown Gage Park then it is no longer the Festival of Friends, so why not just start up another Freindship Festival at Gage ?'re gonna leave 15 champs......ouch...that's bad when a dedicated CFL er like yourself is throwing in the towel....Welllll i guess you can always move to the Peg where they ARE building a new stadium....But then again....wait a's a bloody socialist govt. there who's responsible for getting behind the new digs.....Damn NDP socialists....funny that :lol: Anyway you're welcome to come aboard :rockin:

…and I thought it was the Aspers you know them damn Capitlists that were funding most of it??

....seems Asper took his 'capital' and lost i mean spent it elsewhere :lol:

China built several stadiums for the Olympics so Manitoba should be able to as well.

and when I die, and when I'm dead....there'll be one child this carry carry oooonnnn.

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