Another great year of refereeing

His Refees continue to make miss calls or NO call. With Higgins at the controls this league is only bush league. Year after year they continue to perform poorly and influence the outcomes of games. I’m so tired of this lack of performance or any type of accountability. At least the NFL knows how to run a league. Time for the league to step up but we all know that WONT happen!!!

Yes while this is yet another thread on refereeing in this league perhaps it is time to acknowledge there is a big issue here. You want to grow the league, then start by running it properly. Well now that the Riders are knocked out, I’ll tune in next year. I really hope the Refees blow it in the grey cup and bring some type of resolution because of it.

Why is it that the fans of one team are week in and week out whining about the refs.

Stop watching, or start reffing.

Fully agree. The awful, atrocious, indefensible phantom PI call that took a Calgary touchdown off the board damn near cost us the game.

Luckily, the Stampeders came prepared for the eventual attempted screwjob - since, after all, it happens each and every single time they play the melonheads - and the good guys won.

Because the "referees" are always angering 50% of the fans and players. Or is the glass half full?

Seriously, the officiating, although not up to the standard the CFL deserves, were far better this year than they have been in a few years. Video review officials, now that's another story. Starbucks is upset because his team lost and has to blame someone, but I do agree that Higgins has to go. What mental midget thought it was a good idea to have a coach as the chief official? What's next Jake Ireland as the first coach of the new Ottawa franchise? One of the dumber things I've seen the CFL do.

No I blame the Riders defense for boneheaded penalties that allowed one stamp TD and for a total lack of judgement with less than a minute left allowing stamps to get behind coverage for a long bomb TD. Gee I never thought Tate would go long with less than a minute left on the clock.... Like he has done ALL GAME. All year long we play mostly zone and allow easy short yardage gains yet when we need zone we play it brutually. So I blame Ritchie Hall for our loss.

My point is still valid and it the right call is made, just like TSN said was not made, we not only kill the stamps momentum but play our game differently towards the end.

Apparently the majority of people feel,the Refees are awesome, perhaps they should watch some NFL to see what good refereeing is all about. Why settle for what we got. I remember when Higgins use to publicly comment about some of the questionable calls in a week, yet nothing none for two years. Two weeks ago we had a 5 minute video review that should have been overturned according to TSN, the play stood and the head Refees never even said why?? Thisnisngetting old Higgins needs to go.

yet isnt it ironic that NFL fans complain just as much about their refs :roll:

"Non pass interference in the end zone results in a Calgary TD and that alone is the difference in the winner of the Rider game. "

You were saying.

My personal take on the reffing from the Rider-Stamp game.

  • 2 missed offensive PI calls, the one was very costly, and both to me were incredibly obvious.
  • T George hit, should have resulted in a a DQ, that was ugly, should result in a suspension that will carry over till next season.
  • That Offensive PI call that was called, IMO was the right call, yes it was accidental, but that play is drawn up to look that way. That is the very definition of a pick.

Other than that it wasn't a badly officiated game!

The only league without fans complaining about the refs right now is the NHL.

Hell, people were pissed off at the refs during the FIFA world cup, and they can get the best available for the sport worldwide. The normal NFL refs are usually also bashed and are getting an easy ride this year because with the replacements everyone saw just how good the real refs actually are. The MLB refs only do things like blow a perfect game on an obvious call.

But hey, clearly nobody is worse than the CFL refs! :roll: