Another GREAT weekend.

Well everyone I am back from another great grey cup weekend. It was for lack of a better word, awesome.
Started off very well, was having a beer in the Calgary Airport at 730 am, after already flying for an hour and a half. Got to Vancouver, found out my dumb bro missed his flight from edmonton, so we went to my hotel, picking up a few bottles in the airport first, and "waited" for him. Touchdown Manitoba was a great time. It was in that big Tent, which is where I spent a lot of time. It was a great way to start the weekend off.
Best part of that was the TSN panel was doing a segment from there. Well when we got a look at Randoorf, who is like 5'2" at the highest, we couldn't stop bugging him. We chanted his name the whole segment, with Schultz, and Dunigan, giving us the louder signs behind their backs. Everyone of those guys loved it, including Randorf, and we got some good pics, and autographs from them.

Hit up a lot of places that night, met a lot of new and old grey cup friends.
Saturday was another great day, went to rendyvous Regina in that Tent again. It was a blast. Got to see almost all of the cheerleaders perform, and I will give you a ranking of the teams that I saw..

  1. BC - hands down (plus they had this one girl that was amazing, I plan on finding her pick on their website.)
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Montreal close behind Peg
  4. Calgary. also very good
    5 . Saskacthewan - They were pretty damn bad, but they were pretty cool, as we saw them like 5 times over the weekend, and we got to know a few of them fairly well.
    1000th. Ottawa. Holy hell were they bad. Not only were they bad dancers, but they had a couple giants on the team, that scared everyone that watched them.

Never got to see Hamilton, Edmonton, or Toronto, close up. But from what I saw during the pre-game, they would be placed above sask

Saturday night was a great time, went to Riderville for the first part, talked with a whole bunch of great CFL fans. met the owner, hes pretty cool, and is a fellow Rider Owner, so I got to give him a site plug for that.
Then we went to some bar, and got pretty hamered. We then went to some other bar,and were the only people in the place with any kind of CFL gear on. was pretty funny, but we didn't care at all.
On Saturday Afternoon, we won these orange towels, or something like that. For the rest of the night we were calling out penaltyies left and right. We also used them at the game. So if you saw three Rider fans, giving out penalties to the offending teams, that was me.

Before I coment on the game it self, I have to coment on BC place. It is a great stadium but for one thing. BEER. Their are not only no beer vendors that go through the stands, but the beer kiosks, are horrible. They needed WAY more stations for that. Thankfully I got to miss the whole half-time show because of the beer line, but I also missed the first Mtl TD because of it. That was pathetic.

The Game. Well the first half stunk. neither team could get anything going.
Second half, well you all saw it. It was incredible. especially the end. Most of that stuff at the end was in my endzone to my corner, so I got to see some really nice catches. I also got to see the most bogus pass interference call ever. That one that brought the Esks from the 10 to the 1. That was absolutely bogus.
When Calvillo did that throw and then throw again thing in the overtime that was crazy. I knew that it was not a legal pass, but it was still incredible that that guy didn't catch it (Who was that anyway??)
I was mad that Edmonton won. but I will get over it. It was a great weekend, and A great game. The best GC I have seen live thats for sure.

Now I gotta go look for that cheerleaders' picture.

Gald you had a good time, Billy, welcome back.

looks like you had a blast ! :slight_smile:

I'm jealous Billy but glad you had a great time.

.... the guy who dropped the ball in the end-zone after Calvillo double -clutched it was Watkins...I did he drop it Billy or was he just totally confused after he seen what Anthony did... and his eyes went crossed....sound like you had a great time....wished I could've gone....but heh next more familiar and accessible territory... :arrow:

Will your dome stadium be built in time? LOL :wink:

I have to ask what does quoting PAPA have to do with your post