Another great schedule...

So what kind of waterhead waste of skin came up with this years excuse of a schedule?!?!?.... 19 weeks with 1 bye week per team and somehow that equals Winnipeg vs Hamilton 7 TIMES????? Hey don't get me wrong... that means at least 7 wins for the Blue and Gold this year... but come on! How hard is it to make a schedule? Let's see... 8 teams in total... 1 team plays 7 teams x 2 (home/away) = 14 games/weeks. Add 1 bye week in there and already we have a 15 week schedule. Now lets see... how can I make up 4 more weeks, OH I KNOW... I'll make 2 teams play each other OVER AND OVER AND OVER.... until the fans are so sick and tired of seeing them play we lose another F#$^'ING team in the league! Hey maybe I should apply for the CFL! I'm sure I could make some decisions out of my rear and drive the league into the ground too!

y isnt this in the thread that already exists about the schedule???

I count four regular season match-ups between Winnipeg and Hamilton. Quit your whining, Captain.

Whine, whine, whine, man you sound like some NHL fans about that schedule. They have a right to whine though, some teams won't see the Crosby, Ovechkin's for 3 years, that bites, way worse than the CFL schedule.

Where is The DATE column on the 2007 schedule at,
the dates were all posted in that column earlier today?

the schedule should be.

0 pre season games

(34)+(42) reg games

1 bye week.

Teams have til week 4 to pair down rosters.

Zero preseason games?

So games you spend evaluating talent should have as much weight as late season games crucial to playoff scenerios?

What I want to know is why do we have all but Hamilton’s last Friday night game start at 7:30pm.

The Friday Oct.26 game starts at 6:30pm. Oh thats great :roll: for people traveling to the stadium…let’s have everybody fighting rush hour traffic!

Why not have it at 7:30pm like the rest?

evaluate talent in training camp. Challenge the coaches more to be able to further evaluate in the early games without throwing the games away.

While the early season games have some value, it really is how a team finishes that matters. Get your team into the playoffs with the best lineup is the most important thing. How many times do we see 3rd and 2nd place teams win the cup? Making the first 3 games count brings in more fan money, and more tv money and creates a more balanced schedule. Everyone sees each team in their own division twice at home and twice away, and every team in the other divison, once at home, and once away.

The schedule should always be balanced as well in that the first half of the season should mirror as much as possible the second half. No playing the same team 3 times in 8 games, etc.

ya... how about.. no?

There should be one change, no home and homes except for the Labour Day rematches.

But Less Pre-season? WHY??? there should be another pre-season game, 3 games.

Challenges coaches to evaluate in Training camp? that doesn't work. you don't get to game speed(even pre-season game speed) in Training camp. You need to be able to compare your guys against other teams. 3 weeks of Training camp watching the same guys go face to face, the same schemes being used by the Defence and offence removes your ability to evaluate Talent.

in the current 8 team CFL a 3 game pre-season would be perfect, all divisional teams play 1 game vs. one another during the pre-season.
**the extra home games get rotated around or used to hold games in places like Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec, London and Victoria.

Another reason your plan doesn't work, TEAMS WILL LOSE EXCESS AMOUNTS OF MONEY!
Your plan destroys the entire idea of a SMS, Pre-season games teams are allowed to dress 50 guys, if in your plan you dress 50 guys for the first 2-3 games then your paying those guys 10-15% of their Salary and then possibly cutting them. that is a good chunk of Change alot more then spent in the pre-season, especially considering you are still paying Money to players in Training Camp.

That's paying what.. 10 guys(not including normal injuries) say 10% of their salary. that can be 75K atleast, also players get Bonuses for having a roster spot for the first regular season game, probably add in another 50K there. that just moved team well past the 4.05M cap alot of teams will be right next to it and wouldn't have room for an extra 125K. you just cost that team 250K$ and a Draft pick with this plan.

Pre-season games don't count in the amount of times teams play each other, the bombers play hamilton 4 times, Montreal 3 and Toronto 3. That is the correct number.

GET THE CFLPA TO AGREE TO 3 PRE-SEASON GAMES! with Game 1 being for 3rd string QB's, Sophmores, Rookies, 3rd year vets and K/P. Some fans might find it Boring but alot of Fans would actually love the chance to see those young guys play and it would just be an extra game for Season ticket holders, Tickets to the game could be Cheaper and teams could use this game to get lots of High-school + Elementary school kids from across their City to come in and watch the game.(trying to hook those young fans)


this is a great schedule!!

they play 1 team 4 times, the others in their division 3 times! and then the eastern teams 2 times each!

what the hell is wrong with that?

I dont expect to ever see zero preseason. I am just indulging in a little thinking outside the box.

Talking about preseason, Boomer Esiason thinks 2 is fine and I'm with him.

"Let's play two preseason games and add two regular-season games to the schedule,

And for us americans...All we care about is the "International Broadcast Schedule"

I want to know how many games I will see!

I wasn't happy with some of the regional netowrks down here blowing off games they were supposed to show.

get the package, watch every game.


in other words, Hamilton plays wpg or mont or tor 4 times, then plays the other two 3 times each, and then plays all 3 of them 2 more times each???

I count 6 times???

Two of those are in the pre-season.

By the way, I would think that the CFL would arrange to have Winnipeg and Sakatchewan play one another at least once each pre-season considering they are long-time rivals that are split up by the current division arrangement.

OK... first of all don't ever compare the CFL to the NHL. 30 teams to 8. North America wide to Canada. Not even close! It doesn't make financial sense for each NHL team to play everyone at home and away. There's only 8 bloody teams in the CFL! If these teams can't afford to make an extended road trip and play all 4 East/West teams respectively outside their divisions then WTF do we have a league for?!Secondly... I'm so sorry... I was off by 1 game. It's 6 times vs Hamilton (including both pre-season) not 7. Wow I was so far off! My entire point to this was what ever happened to good rivalries? Since when has Winnipeg and Hamilton been something to write home about? I wanna see Winnipeg and Sask play more often. Plus it's more financially beneficial for the teams! I still think the Peg belong in the west! I know it won't happen til theres more teams but that's how I feel! That's exactly why I think we need more teams. But it needs to be done the right way. Why don't more teams make deals with local Universities and expand the Uni Stadiums like Montreal did! It would benefit the Uni. It would be cheaper for the teams and could help make Canadian Uni Football more competative (thus making the CFL better in the long run!) I was not trying to whine as some "people" put it, I was making a point.