another Great Read by Drew Edwards of the Spec.

Drew Edwards
The Hamilton Spectator
(May 30, 2009)

'Welcome to Tiger Town." The recorded voice that answers the phone at Ticat headquarters isn’t a marquee player, the team’s white knight of an owner or an automated drone. It is instead the gargled-with-a-gravel-pit tones of general manager Bob O’Billovich.

Outstanding article.

I have always respected Obie for being a straight forward, no nonsense kind of guy. This article sheds more light on his true persona. He is honest, shrewd and not afraid to stand his ground on decisions that may leave supporters feeling shocked and dismayed (yes, Zeke...).

His reputation has paid off allowing him to have the respect of his peers league wide that enables swing deals with multiple teams.

His fingerprints are all over this team now. The type of players that he wants are what we need. I believe that it can only lead to success. It will come gradually but we will be stronger as the games and seasons pass thanks to Obie.

The Reason Zeke was let go was Speed
he was too slow outside the Tackles..
Inside he was a Monster but he lacks the Speed obie wants for his Middle linebacker.

Now Undertstand the trade but still think it was bad deal we got nothing for him really ..
Rights to a guy who I feel will never see and Draft pick that yet to prove himself.
But I guess it was better then cutting Him.

I think two potential NI starters is better than nothing.

Agreed. Nice article about Obie. He is one of those people who adds so much to the unique character of the CFL.

By the way, through subsequent related trades and the 2009 CFL Draft, the Ticats have directly or indirectly acquired the following assets in return for Zeke Moreno:

  1. The rights to Corey Mace, a non-import defensive lineman from University of Wyoming via the Buffalo Bills' practice roster or may or may not sign this year;
  2. Darcy Brown, a non-import receiver/fullback from St. Mary's University who will attend camp this week;
  3. Ryan Hinds, a non-import University of New Hampshire defensive back likely to attend camp in 2010.

Among the possible replacements for Moreno at middle linebacker this year are:

  1. Otis Floyd, an effective and experienced import outside linebacker who has never played middle linebacker in the CFL;
  2. Agustin Barrenechea, a non-import with previous CFL experience as a middle linebacker and outside linebacker;
  3. Cameron Siskovic, a rookie import middle linebacker with the Ticats for part of the 2008 season.

It is therefore too early to know whether the Ticats have received equal or greater value for Moreno or whether they can effectively replace him at middle linebacker in 2009. Maybe we can revisit these questions when the team reaches the midpoint of the 2009 regular season schedule.