Another great game in 2007

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I think you missed a few...I have highlighted three more for you... [url=] ... re=related[/url]

...without even opening those Mike I bet they fall under the terms and conditions of trolling.....

Actually RedandWhite, no they don't they fall under the category of memorable performance from 2007.

I tend to think of the turning points in the season.

I did look at them, and Red's right...Mike's a troll in this one, plain and simple.

Move along to another forum with this crud, Mike. You're well aware of the rules.

jm02, sorry to disappoint you, but they are great performances, each one of those games were defining moments for the team and for the players.

Just because they happen to be losses doesn't make them trolling comments. Take for example the WSF, this was defining because it was the end of an era for a respected coach.

The Toronto game was the what I would call the end of the early seaon slide. This was where Burris woke up and knew he needed to play better.

The other saskatchewan game is a wake up call. Having played Saskatchewan two weeks in a relatively close game. Calgary was expecting the same thing, this game I believe it showed them they needed to make changes.

Posting clips of losses by a particular team, in that team’s forum, in a thread where they are celebrating successes of the season, is trolling. Paint it with whatever lame old excuses you wish, but underneath, a turd is still a turd, no matter how you talk about it.

I expect you won’t be posting in this thread again, if you are capable of taking a hint.

jm02 as I said, these were defining moments. I am sorry you can't be open and honest, but then again, that is the jm02 we have come to expect.

Everything has to be an argument with you doesn't it?

RW05 Thread is great games!
Not defining moments.....
This is the Stamps forum and there is no trolling allowed....
The links were trolling posts and its to that you cant be honest and open about it!

I don't want to lock this thread therefore anymore posts as to whether or not it is trolling will be deleted!

Look at the thread title, Mikeyboy...if you can't read and comprehend what the subject is about, then I suppose that is the Mikeyboy we've come to expect...

Now, if something constructive by you is brought to this forum, by all means, let's have it...otherwise, leave this to the people who are willing to keep it as it was originally intended...

Apologies to Stamp fans on behalf of level-headed Rider fans on this thread...

edited, holy moley mike, take a hint and buzz off from this part of the forum....links to three stampeder losses in response to rw05's links was trolling plain and simple and your cute little explanation about turning points is laughable, at your expense....

Edit: Troll post #1,551…

LOL [url=] ... re=related[/url]