Another Great Article on Calvillo

Much better job from the guy who did the Smith article:

[url=] ... 17509.html[/url]

I can't believe this is the same guy who wrote the piece on Troy Smith. Well at least he redeemed himself. :thup:

What a road, what a road AC ! :thup:

Great piece. Why can't the hack journalists in Montreal do a piece like that on Anthony?

IMO, the best in depth article about AC ever scribed.

Emotionally compelling and authentic without being overly saccharine. Great piece.

are you certain this is the very same author that wrote the condescending piece about Troy Smith?

Thanks for posting this, it is excellent.

Carpenter a mieux compris le sujet, on dirait, en s'en tenant à la personne plutôt qu'aux apparences.

C'est le genre d'article qu'on ne voit plus à Montréal, tous sports confondus, principalement à cause du format et des décisions éditoriales (Montréal est hockey). Je me rappelle toutefois un article en profondeur sur Avon Cobourne.

Because there are no football writers in Montreal, d&p. As you say - hacks! Bet they have a few better ones in Regina!

I like Rick Moffat's writings. I wish he wrote more.