Another good US newspaper article on CFL

I trust you'll recognize those quoted in article.8)

Yeah, I know my quote about chronology of US teams is a tad skewed. Could be honest mistake on his part or a brain fart on mine. :lol:

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Thanks a very good article!

This part of the article needs completing- re-"More and more fans who have DirecTV or Comcast or Fox can pick these games up - and even though it's not really well marketed down here, once they see that every roster is full of big-time NCAA talent or players that might have had a cup of coffee in the NFL, I think they would get hooked," Bedell said. Not to mention THE BEST CANADIAN PLAYERS* from CIS and Canadian Junior Football. * (exept the QB position.

Sometimes it seems that Americans cover OUR
game better than we do. Example; When Ricky Williams played his first game up here, ESPN radio had a quarter by quarter count of his rushing yardage. When he got hurt, it was in the top 2 or 3 stories.

That only because it was Williams

I couldn't agree more and did mention that several times, but that really wasn't the angle the writer wanted to take. He was trying to recruit American viewers, so he left all my statements about Canadian talent out.

That would make sense! In trying to entice An American audience he would have to stress the American content. Most would not be interested in the Canadian player. It is great to see that the CFL is becoming an entertainment option south of the border. I know I have a friend from Los Angles that coaches football and when his first trip up here he went to see the Labor day classic and loved it! He said it is not only a QB's dream but a coaches dream as well. He is hooked. :lol:

This is a great article! I've always thought the best way to market the CFL in the US is to stress the American talent. I really think the tv broadcasters should do this when they cover the games. I also think it should be standard routine to have one Canadian and one American play-by-play commentator.

We need to keep broadcasting games to more and more cities down there. It's like a popular TV show, watch a few games and you are hooked...

BTW: I emailed the reporter to thank him for article. Im pointed out that years of the US teams was a bit off. He replied saying he had corrected it.

The beauty of online reporting, eh. :thup:

Yes, whatever CFL thinks of their hybrid regional TV deal, you can be sure that a good deal with ESPN to show games live is what they dream of.