Another good reason why the CFL isn't on CBC anymore

Good job CBC, only a year late

Please elaborate.

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I'm not quite sure I see the connection. CBC isn't able to afford converting all of their over-the-air broadcasting to digital signals by the original deadline. So? TSN doesn't broadcast in digital over the air either. They don't broadcast over the air at all.

I was no fan of the CFL on CBC, but this has nothing to do with it.

The point being they don't have their act together. If they can't even meet the CRTC's deadline to switch over to digital, and even then they won't cover everybody, what would make anybody think they could make a comperable production to TSN's for CFL broadcasts?

This is the most basic thing they should do and they can't even do that right! That's the connection.

thank you

eh, CBC..

lets have someone buy it, make it a privately owned station and get it up to par. or let it die.

Yeah, because it's going well for everybody else. In fact, it's going so well at CTV that they want government handouts to complete it.

Nice try with the CBC bashing though. Nobody is going to be on time with this, we just happen to know about it with CBC because as a public entity they have to tell us.

The quality of TSN's broadcasts hasn't been anything to write home about this season. Poor camera work, weird film quality, mediocre analysis from the panel. Methinks they're starting to get a little complacent.

Yup that pretty much jives with what I got back at the start of July when I asked when it was going to be available.

Hello Dean, To date the CBC has plans and is implementing DTV sites across Canada at several locations. While the CBC is attempting to meet the on-air deadline of Aug 31 2011 there is a long way to go yet both physically and financially. At this point a DTV over the air system in Regina is in the planning books and work is expected to start next year. Thanks for your interest in CBC and please stay tuned for future announcements in the coming year regarding further DTV plans for CBC Saskatchewan. Regards, Steve

Stephen Tomchuk
Transmitter Supervisor,
Transmission Services, Saskatchewan
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
18-1738 Quebec Avenue
Saskatoon. Sk.
Canada S7K 1V9

You forgot to include strange sounds off camera (ie that monster belch one week).

With all due respect I will disagree. To go digital you have to replace everything from the control room to and including the antenea, new modulators, new monitoring equipment, new transmitters, new antenea. It is not a basic thing and it is very expensive.

Your absolutely right, you do have to replace a lot of equipment, that is why they have had over 4 years to accommodate the change over.

(BTW the correct spelling is antennae :wink: )