Another good game for printers.

That was AMAZING, that one play, when he got grabbed, he gets out, then another rider grabs him from behind, and he still gets out and prevents the sack. And that throw to paris, he got hit just as he let it go, and paris still caught it for good long yardage. And the throw to Arceanux was nice to. Like, our QB and the receivers and offense and everything had it going, they were doing really good. Our defense failed us on this one...

Yes, Kudos to Casey for sure, but unfortunately he has come to a team where the defense can't seem to stop the opposing team when they have to. That is two games in a row now and it might very well have cost them a shot at the playoffs. I really hope they have there **** together for next week's game against the Eskimos, otherwise it's gonna be one long, sore off season! :frowning:

Printers showed just how good he is but I wonder how good he would be with another second and a half but again this O Line can not do the job. Valli, was he smokin something? He wasn't even on the same field until Geroy gave him an earful. What's with all these short passes that fall short of the first down, did you see how many 10 yard passes Burris completed for first downs? Calgary seems to know where the first down marker is!!! The rest of the team has to step up and do their jobs. D coaches and the D can not stop the run and hasn't all year and the pass coverage was brutal. I think they can beat Edmonton if they don't beat themselves first with dumb penalties missed assignments, but after Edmonton I have my doubts, as too many of the same areas that have not been good all year are still bad. Well there is ALWAYS next year and I predicted Printers and Lulay will be here.

if the offense could have moved the ball a bit more we were there. maybe casey is still a little rusty, maybe we didn't expect the constant all out blitzes - oh well we'll get it right next time! keep the faith.

So what if we lose next week and Casey is 0 and 3? Does winning mean anything?

What if he throws for 500 yards and still loses? Does that matter?

Anybody at the game yesterday will note that we abandoned the run early on; so he should have had 300+ yards with every play being a pass.

We abandoned the run because it wasn't going anywhere.
And if he can generate 500 yards offence and we lose, it is not his fault. If you'll note, its a TEAM sport.

Agreed Grims.

Get real guys ... Printers is an all about me player... he will never make it .. Wally just brought hin in cause he had some CFL experience.. Casey is like Joseph, Bishop and others... can be hot but is not he is BAD. If JJ or Buck were healthy Casey would be back on the scratch list... Lulay is better than Printers.

its sad really...the guy plays great...makes one mistake in his first game...takes responsability for it...comes out this week plays a great game against a good defense...and you lose so its automatically his fault. throws for 300 arent impressed. i think if he went out ran for 150 threw for 500 and went out and stopped them on D you still wouldnt be impressed.

If you say stuff like that, don't expect anybody to take you seriously.

At least Lulay won a game.. how many has Casey won so far?

Leo, its a TEAM game. Casey is playing AMAZING, casey didn't lose us that game, the defense did, even if it were lulay in as qb, i think the score would be a big difference, we would of probably got our ass kicked.

How many times are you going to base a QB's performance on W's and L's?... do you even consider what the D and ST do in a game?.. or do they not count in how a TEAM performs?

Yes, Lulay won a game.... but it was against Wpg. and it was a game where our D only gave up 21 points.. had they given up 33 like they did against Sask. or 28 like they did against Cal. we would have lost. Lulay in that game threw only 1 TD but 2 INT's. He put up half the yards in the air that Printers has in either one of his games.

Dude... you don't like Printers... we get it... but at least be realistic. I don't care for him either... but i'm realistic enough to realize that he's played pretty good. Has he been perfect?.. No... but he hadn't played a game in a year. And with the exception of maybe AC.. no QB in this league is perfect.

The fact of the matter is that he has put us in a position to win both of the games he's played... our D needs to step it up and make the big play when it counts. Casey made the big play to put us in the lead with 1:30 left against Calgary. If the D could have done the same we would have won the game.

Good point chronicguy, lulay did play WPG, printers played Calgary, only 1 interception when lulay threw 2, and printers threw more yards then lulay, so that means it was NOT printers fault for losing, its a TEAM game.

You people have forgotten that Printers has had to come up with an alternative play if the first predictable Chatelaine play fails with an O Line that can't stop a line of midgets and has done it on very little practice in the last 18 months. I am sure all of you would liked to be judged on what you used to be and not what you are today. In some cases from what I read some you wouldn't.