Another Former CFL Player arrested

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts running back Kenton Keith was out of jail Monday after being arrested for refusing to leave a nightclub parking lot and yelling at officers that he was a Colts player who had done nothing wrong, police said.

Officers working security tried to clear a crowd from the parking lot of the Cloud 9 club after it closed at 3 a.m. Sunday. The 27-year-old Keith and several others refused to leave and were laughing, dancing and joking, police said.

Not surprising. Did anyone post on here about the fact that Tom Porras was acquitted of all charges against him?? I remember the thread about him being charged, but I don't recall seeing anything about his acquittal.

Doesn't seem so bad.

I'd say this is nothing, probably wont even surface in NFL. The NFL has Packman, Vick & the Chad Johnson circus act in Cinci among others to set the bar for criminal behavior.

Refusing to leave a parking lot won't get alot of media attention as the American public won't bother buying magazines and newspapers on the topic.

I posted that the charges against him were stayed until a state appeal was heard re the "confessions" Porras had made re the case being declared illegally gained by police. The state intends to pursue the case even if the appeal fails.

Oski Wee Wee,

Good to know. I didn't know that. I just read a small article in the Spec and it really didn't give much detail.

Not so bad to me either. No real fight, drunk driving etc. guess it's a slow news day.

8) Was Keith not the same guy that got into a big brawl in some bar in Regina during his final season with the Roughriders ?? That incident soured management against him as a result.

Some guys just don't seem to learn. If you a pro athlete and have a short fuse towards authority, then you should stay out of those kinds of situations entirely !!!

When the cops in the States tell you to do something, you would be well advised to do it, as quickly as possible !!!!!

Yeah that was him. The stories vary, but the original story was that he hit someone in the head with a beer bottle.

I was impressed with Keith when he played in Hamilton.

I do not think Chad Johnson has crossed paths with the law.
Weird guy...yes

if he is charged he will be cut. the nfl doesn't have very much tolerance for 2nd tier players with a criminal record.

are you jokeing? he didnt even do anything. nfl players do this kinda thing everyday.

full details have not been released yet, but if you read into what i said, you will see IF HE IS CRIMINALLY CHARGED he will be cut. he may or may not have done anything, but if he is charged, he will be cut.

I don't think it's very likely that he'll be cut unless he's found guilty. Even if he's charged, he is presumed innocent until he has his day in court. Also, even if he's found guilty, this sounds like nothing more than a minor incident--maybe a misdemeanor and fine? Big deal.

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I apologize if it sounded as if I were calling Chad criminal, but I was merely trying 2 allude to the fact that those provide more entertainment value than Kenton Kieth not leaving a parking lot when asked by police. As barney said in not so many words, who cares?

Well, I read a report that cops were being used as security at the club. In uniform? If some bouncer-type un-uniformed chap evinces the desire for others to disperse, that's one deal. Cops in uniform? A little more direct and A-B-C respondable to, I would think.

Being black in an American parking lot still has a higher aggro response in some "law enforcement" types in certain locales than others. I'd like to know exactly what Keith did/said/was in the vicinity of before wanting to chuck from-Sinai-high tablets in his general direction, IMHO.

The Bengals have their rap sheet issues, no question. Different level of scale than any other professional sports organization that I know of...

Oski Wee Wee,

I read the story in the "IndyStar" (on line) the day after it took place. Believe it or not, there was a link to the actual arrest report, talk about individual rights! I just took a look for it but cannot find the link anymore, maybe if somebody wants to try, just google the IndyStar.

The officers were "Paid Duty Officers" like most of the ones that work the games at IWS. Off duty, but in uniform, and paid by the organization using them for an event etc.
From the report it sounds like they gave ample time and warning for everyone to leave the property (private) even going back to this particular group a few times after dealing with others. Of course the report is written from the officers angle on things and hopefully the whole story will come out in the courts.