Another first...I think (a Father's Day without football)

A fathers day without football.

there oughta be a law..

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Even so it was the best Father's day ever. Both my sons called and we talked for awhile. My cousin dropped by (NS has had no new cases for 12 days now) and we sat in the garage. My wife surprised me with a delivery of two 2 pound lobsters already cooked. My cousin and I had lobster and cold beer for lunch. The weather was perfect and I sat at the back of the garage having a couple of pops. Garage has a back door. A doe dropped by to visit me. She got to about 25 feet away and just ate some grass and walked around for awhile. I think she was curious about the fiddle music i was playing...Then I went in and had baked ham and scalloped potatoes. My wife is not only beautiful, she's a great cook too. Great day !


Sounds rather perfect Dan.

here in BC cottage country the local lobster truck is back so I have had my fill of lobster rolls. Delicious.

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I have found that sea food from the Pacific tastes different than from the Atlantic. I grew up on Atlantic seafood so I am biased but it's not that Pacific seafood tastes bad, it's great, but different.

It does but lobster on these trucks is Atlantic.

Dan I think there you win this year's Power Daddying Award.

Thanks Paolo.
The same doe showed up later with twin fawns. I'm pretty sure she is the same doe who had twins last year too. Funny to watch fawns play. It's like they are discovering they have springs for legs, and they do !

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Here where I live only 3 miles from the city limits of Philadelphia, we have wildlife thriving for years now and recently even more. Most of the time we have the deer and the foxes. The doe and fawn go across our parking lot and grounds daily between woods, and yes they are funny to watch too but when mama says it's time to go they follow.

The foxes scavenge all the time for scraps and play around and get frisky, with quite audible sounds, too go figure.

Over the years I have developed a call for the deer and they simply look up and stare at me but do not run.

I have yet to see the local stag, but no doubt he sure has had the time of his life with all his kids running around here more than ever. This may as well be Deer Las Vegas.

As much as I hate to say it, there are too many deer. I would never ride my bike at night anywhere. I see a lot of roadkill deer. Two on my road in a year. Something will have to be done or they might start starving in the winter. That's what happens with an excess of animals and only so much food to go around. Two years of twin fawns tells me there is more than plenty of food now but that will change. I would rather someone be eating venison than see a deer starve or get hit by a car. People get hurt too !

We have a pond in our backyard and the deer swim and drink in it along with raccoons and many birds. Fish and frogs and leeches and tadpoles and salamanders are everywhere.

We don't get as many or the same species of birds we used to get in Ont and there is a ban on feeding the birds in summer due to some virus they get when near each other. Coincidence ! We do have bald eagles in the area and have seen a pair quite regularly. The ravens are massive. Smart too.
I could watch wildlife all day. It's good you get to see it too.

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