Another fine, upstanding NFLer....

…holy cow how do these guys think?..

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…no mercy for this model of citizenship, superbowl or no superbowl…

How did I know this was about Tank Johnson before I clicked the link.

Anyways hopefully he gets to play in the Super Bowl because the Bears need him, but as far as his situation goes, this isn't the first, for him or many other NFL players.

And I am sure all CFL players have clean records.

Who said all CFL players have clean records?

Never meant to imply that you did, I was just mocking the sarcasm presented in the heading for this thread.

A title saying, NFL player in trouble with law, would serve the same purpose without the implications that the sarcasm of the title implies.

When I read the title all I thought of was another guy griping about pro athletes and IMO it implied that NFL players are criminals.

That may not have been the intent (and probably wasn't) but that is what it implied to me.

But Warner, Look at all the guys that get into trouble down there. Look at the money they make. Why would you risk it all by doing something stupid? Yes I know, the CFL has a couple players that haven given the league black eyes. (We have a court case in BC now with Keith Franklin)

When you have the limelight, the money, the good life, why would you do something like that. Makes no sense to me.

It's a shame really, hard to understand. I and I'm sure most of us here would almost die for such a chance to make the bucks of an NFL player. Hope this guy gets his lid back on straight and turns things around.

im a cincinatti bengals fan, and i remember watching a preseason game against the eagles (i think it was the eagles?) and the commentator was saying how cincinatti had the most amount of convicted fellons over the offseason than any other team in the NFL with 8 being arrested in the offseason.. thats nuts!

I am not denying any of this, and agree with you.

I just was not comfortable with the way this topic was presented, seemed to be indicting all NFL players (most of whom are upstanding citizens who do lots of work for charities and their communities).

I would be just as upset with a thread title like this for a thread about Franklin:

Another fine, upstanding CFLer....

So I responded to what I felt was unnecassary sarcasm with some of my own sarcasm.

9th Bengal arrested in 9 months.

pshh possestion of marijuana isnt all that big, but still.. 2000 1 in 5 active NFL players had a criminal record....if anything that stat has grown worse....check out for more info....warner, sorry you're offended but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it can be called a duck.....yes there are many good guys in the NFL but there is undeniably a high percentage of bad ones who think they are above the law, hence the title of the thread, at no time did it state ALL NFL players are bad (in fact, if you read the title without opening the thread it actually could be about all the very high moral players in the league, you pre-judged the thread and applied 'sarcasm' on your the end it was the right call but hey no apologies are forthcoming from the author)....

Don't expect you to apologize but guess what in your sarcastic attempt to begrudge 1 in 5 NFL players you manage to attack the 4 out of 5 who are great citizens.

Good for you, hope it makes you feel good about yourself.

But to use your own analogy, if 1 in 5 walk like a duck than 4 out 5 are not ducks.

And just to add to this, if 1 in 5 NFL players have criminal records all it means is that they meet the national average. Around 64 million Americans (including me) have criminal records. That is more than 1 in 5. So apparently NFL players get arrested less often than the average American.

I would be willing to bet that most of those criminals as you call them did something really minor at some point in their lives. You act as though 1 in 5 NFL players has killed someone.

...I can't see how this thread manages to attack the 4 good guys who aren't ducks but obviously you can....good for you, hope it makes you feel good about yourself....

...and I would sure as heck hope that the ratio of NFL players with criminal records is less than the national average.....if it weren't and it was on par with those employment groups that are above the national average (pimps, crack dealers, etc.) then good gravy there might be a real problem there eh?...

....last time I checked, doing 'something really minor' doesn't end up as a felony charge leading to a conviction resulting in a criminal record...maybe I'm totally whack on this idea, I dunno....

...the point of the article (did you read the article warner?) and the posting of it here was to open a debate on what seems to be a growing problem with the NFL.....the NFL is a great league and it, and the four non-ducks per five, doesn't need a few bad apples to tarnish it's reputation...I do not dislike the NFL warner if that is what you are implying, in fact I enjoy it immensely, but the league needs to address a problem before it gets really out of hand...

First, I am not saying that this thread attacks all NFL players, the thread is fine, it is the sarcastic way that the thread is presented, it implies that NFL players are criminals. Maybe that was not your intent but that is how it came off to me.

Second to your point about what creates a criminal record. Felonies are NOT the only things that lead to criminal records, hell you do not even need to be convicted for it to show up on your criminal record.

When I was in high school, I knew of a major theft that occurred and when I was questioned by the police, I denied knowledge (did not want to rat out friends), I was later charged with the crime, but all charges were later dropped.

For the next 7 years anytime someone ran a criminal background check, that arrest showed up and I had to explain the story. Being charged with a crime creates a criminal record with or without a conviction.

Misdeameanors (which are typically very minor crimes) also result in criminal records.

And yes roughly 1 in 5 Americans have criminal records.

I would be willing to bet that if someone did an analysis of the crime rate of NFL players of the past, they would find that it is not a growing problem but just more heavily reported (just a hunch).

Hell a report on CFL players would likely show similar results. interesting thought on the past versus the present and how media plays it all out...could very well be that the players have remained the same and it's just more newsworthy now, but you have to admit that there is an issue there that the commish should be dealing with....

....on the legal side of things I think we are arguing apples (US law) with oranges (Canadian law) as I am pretty darn sure that arrest with aquittals here do not show up on your CR, only convictions...I'll take your word for it that that is the case where you are....


I never intended to come after you personnally, just get tired of seeing things presented in ways that seem to indict all players instead of the deserving ones.

I doubt that was ever your intention but is how the tone of the title read to me.

And yeah down here in the USA unless you go through a process and spend $150 dollars or so (plus possible legal fees to help with paper work) to get an arrest expunged from your record, it will remain for 7 year typically. problem warner, debate is cool, that's what we are here for.....there are many great players in both leagues and if I were one of them I would be choked about how some of my team-mates choose to represent their team and more importantly themselves...I figure if God blessed you enough to have the skill and ability to play this game at that level why would you insult Him, let alone yourself and the rest of your family, by being a bad-ass, but that's just me....