Another fine effort!

Absolutely PATHETIC !!!!!!!!!! Nice to see the coaching staff have made the necessary adjustments to make this team better. What a JOKE....

I dont know, the WWE interlude was pretty funny.

We were in this game, right up to the Printers injury, against one of the very best teams in the league.
Get some DB's and some coaching and if we PLAY like today, we could go places...

there are a few bright spots..
but still very pathetic!

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[quote="bringyourgame"]Edited for trolling quote]

Cant argu wid dat i gess....

if if's a but's were candy & nuts well i forgot how the rest goes. but jesus today was such a bad game. & worst of all my back is killing me after sitting in those rather comfy ivor wynne seats.

Your the JOKE!!!! :thdn:

I have to agree with copguns1, the defense was pretty pathetic today. And like everyone else, we have the right to voice our displeasure with the play of our team WITHOUT being subjected to verbal abuse GOTC.

GOTC - The truth is such are large pill to swallow - PATHETIC............Suck it up princess!

We were fine until our starting QB went down.

Six points in the second half won't win many games.

The verbal abuse is only directed to
one clown, who never has anything
positive to say at anytime.
Some opinions are constructive,
copquns1's are just insulting to
poster's and the team.