Another favorites topic

I have decided to see if I can list my fav 3 QBs from each team. Maybe not the best. Maybe not the most successful. Not best all time, only those I remember enjoying watching.

BC - Doug Flutie, Matt Dunigan, Joe PaoPao

Cal - Doug Flutie, Henry Burris, Danny Barrett (before he sucked in BC)

Ed - Mike Reilly, Warren Moon, Tom Wilkinson. (hated Dunigan in ED)

SASK - Ron Lancaster, John Hufnagal, Kerry Joseph

WPG - Matt Dunigan, Tom Clements, Tom Burgess

Ham - Mike Kerrigan, Kevin Glenn, Jerimial Masoli

Tor - Doug Flutie, Matt Dunigan, Conredge Holloway

Ott - Henry Burris, J.C Watts, Conredge Holloway

Montreal - Tracy Ham, Anthony Cavillo, Kevin Glenn.

a couple of teams I had trouble find 3. others I had trouble picking out just 3.
on another day, I might pick some different.

I’m not going to mention any QB twice:

British Columbia - Joe Kapp, Joe Paopao, Travis Lulay
Calgary - Eagle Day, Peter Liske, Jeff Garcia
Edmonton - Jackie Parker, Tom Wilkinson, Mike Reilly
Saskatchewan - Ron Lancaster, John Hufnagel, Kent Austin
Winnipeg - Kenny Ploen, Dieter Brock, Matt Dunigan
Hamilton - Bernie Faloney, Joe Zuger, Mike Kerrigan
Montreal - Sam Etcheverry, Sonny Wade
Ottawa - Russ Jackson, Condredge Holloway, Trevor Harris
Toronto - Tobin Rote, Doug Flutie, Ricky Ray

Having watched >>>>> in my lifetime left off your list of course just IMO

Sask I would have had Durant and Austin both Grey Cup winners

Wpg you have to include Dieter Brock he was Winnipeg Football growing up

Ham - Danny McManus , Tom Clements , Dieter Brock again but I do like Masoli

Ottawa - another Tom Clements nod ,

Montreal - Sonny Wade and or Jerry Datillo or Joe Barnes maybe not Kevin Glenn

Calgary - Dickenson and Garcia

Toronto yes for sure Ricky Ray

Ralph Dieter Brock

BC - Kapp, Casey Printers, Damon Allen
Ed - Moon, Jackie Parker, Reilly, Ray
Cal - Peter Liske, Garcia, Dave Dick, Jerry Keeling (the DB turned QB)
Sk - Little General, no one else other than K Glenn
Wpg - Kenny Ploen, Indian Jack, Ralph Brock, Tom Clements, Dunigan,
TO - Tobin Rote, Doug Flutie
OTT - Russ Jackson, JC Watts
HAM - McManus, Frank Cosentino, Zuger
MTL - AC Calvillo, Sam the Rifle, no one else

What if you were to treat all of the US expansion teams as though they were one franchise?


For the purposes of selecting your favourite three QBs, of course.

I don't think I could even name 3 between them.


The three US franchise QB's would be :

Tracey Ham first , Matt Dunigan and Damon Allen .


For Montreal: Sonny Wade, Joe Barnes, Anthony Calvillo