Another Fatality on Highway 6

Wow another crash and fatality on Highway 6, this is the same highway we will all be traveling up to see the Ti-Cats play in Guelph. Just a reminder for those attending games this Highway is 80km/hr to many people do 100 plus and are not paying attention! There is also NO centre guardrail to stop on coming traffic to cross and take you out. SO ONCE AGAIN PLEASE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION AND MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ON YOUR TRAVELS!

KIller 6 claims another victim another reason Not to go to Guelph? Where did' my post go about reasons for not getting seasons this year it disappeared off this site deleted ! Nice ... Express my opinions as I know lots of other fans agree !shot down and out!

Are you serious...
I really hope this is a joke...
You could also die walking down the stairs so please don't leave your bed.

Great post Brucethe13thman Yes please all fans be careful traveling up Highway 6 actually highway 6 and highway 10 compete for the most motor vehicle accidents next to the 400 series of highways and I as a Ti-Cat fan know all too well having suffered a major head on collision on highway 10 north of Orangeville in 2004 and listed as the worse accident victim to survive a head on in history in Ontario, only after dying two times and coming back to life, having to rebuild my body with 23 surgeries and nine years of recovery so I know all too well the feeling of someone crossing the line and hitting me head on, many are not a fortunate and die so please be careful on our roads?

Boys enough of the negative Vibes or this post thread will disappear into thin air :lol: :thdn:

I think bigcat and bruce the 3rd were being sarcastic. It was written as one of them tongue in the cheek " another excuse not to go to Ticat games" least I hope they were joking.

Agreed. Hopefully this is just a joke kind of thing. If you fear driving down a highway then perhaps you should not be driving at all.

Wow. That's a phenomenal will to live and a testament to your resilience. Keep fighting. :thup:

There's no need to avoid going down Killer Hwy 6 to Ti-cat games but people should just be more aware of their driving and in particular other drivers bad habits. Most of the carnage on that highway could have been prevented if people just follow the rules of the road.

Agree steve about the fear aspect as you say. Sure, when the weather is snowy and icy and I'm on a 4 lane highway, I'm fearful when 3 18 wheelers go by you on the left lane and water and slush is flying on your windshield, that's no fun at all. But highway 6 during the summer and fall? Piece of cake for the most part if you are watching other drivers and a little careful.

such an incredible story of survival and perseverance BC. wow.
You have my utmost admiration for overcoming the tremendous adversity and tribulations as a result of this tragic incident. (and likely ongoing)

A friend of mine was not as fortunate, as she was the victim of a fatal head on collision a few years ago while driving southbound on Hwy #6 between #5 and the 403 Hamilton.

point is, maintain awareness at all times utilizing defensive driving principles and all should be fine.

I'll be going the same route to Guelph for 4-5 games this season and intend on staying safe and having a blast. :thup:

What was the joke about this, I was completely serious, to many people dont pay attention when they should be, this highway has NO divider line to stop on coming traffic, people doing 100km PLUS when its 80km MAX! NO JOKE BRO! How said I was using it as an excuse! SO ONCE AGAIN PLEASE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION AND MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ON YOUR TRAVELS!
How can you think this is a joke?
I plan on going to a couple Guelph games myself and I Pray everyone will get there safe!
PS: Its Bruce13thMan NOT Bruce the 3rd :rockin:

Listen to the small number of fans who think that someone makes a serious post about a life and death situation and they take that as being negative toward not attending football games? Come on give your heads a shake, what I came through as many of my doctors, family and friends know is not a joking manner and in No way is my story or the post of Brucethe13thman telling people and fans to stop attending football games No way, all we are doing is sharing first hand experience with you as drivers, that you could be the greatest driver on the road and it only takes seconds to take all that away and your life, so be careful and Brucethe13thman was just pointing out this fact that Yes, someone did die on Highway 6 and to be careful, not that you shouldn't attend a game in Guelph? Ti-Cat Fans love their team and will drive just about anywhere to see them play, look when I attend games in Hamilton I come from over 2 hours away and I think wow their are 500,000 people in Hamilton, much more in the GTA and this team only gets 25,000 per game you should have No trouble getting 35,000 plus??

The Tiger-Cats are in Guelph this year it's going to be great, I live hour and a bit from Guelph and I still plan on attending if they have wheelchair seating, Hopefully the New Pan Am Stadium will have good seating for all fans and the great thing is many fans won't have travel but I still will and look forward to seeing the new stadium, but many fans have their team right on your own door step with very little or No driving what so ever. So stop whining and complaining about stupid comments and get out and support your Cats in 2013 and beyond just be safe driving that's it!!

Really Bruce?

Then post crime stats from the Ivor Wynne area to make sure people know how dangerous it is to visit the area next year.


ah , see I was with you Bruce until you said "may god be with you".
Then I threw everything out the window. Sorry .

I travel 6 all the time going to Sauble. Be careful, pay attention and follow the rules people.'ll be fine.

Really Ockham?

Oh for crying out loud.... :roll: