Another Fan for the Lions

Hello all, My name is Myles and I want to wish the BC lions success for the rest of the season and to make the playoffs. I hope! Go Lions!

Spiderman - better late than never. What is your diagnosis of the Lions malaise?

They just got to ask themselves, do they want to get back to the Grey Cup and win. Greatmysticbushape, the same can be said of the Carolina Panthers in the NFL. They got to get deep into their own psyche and say to themselve-We Are The Champions. That is all! Confidence is Key! Thank you and please as always Take care! Myles

Spiderman - BUT what if the Eskimos read this post and get deep in their psyche ( I hope you spelled that correctly ) Whats to be done?

Even if they can read this post, their psyche can bolstered to a level of over-confidence and then they will be sent packing to their igloos and sit on the couch till next season. I did spell psyche correctly. Mind games, that's all-just Mind Games! Hope this helps. Take care, Greatmystic! Myles

Spidey! you are our kind of fan. Good work on the psyche thing but I'm afraid the Panthers are toast.
Keep the Faith.

Who do you think put the kibosh on the Panthers. I did that in 2001 when the Panthers were 1-15. I went to this place for brunch and was able to watch football at the bar while supping on a western omelet Fries with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, with a virgin mimosa. At one point, they were 1-8 and the people were wanting to pay me to stay away so they can win. Subsequently, I declined the offer. I live here in Charlotte and I hate the Panthers. It all goes back to Season 3 Preseason game 2 Carolina vs Denver and then QB Kerry Collins suffered a jaw injury which was their way of saying he was going to be sent packing. So, I said-A Pox On Your Stadium, Carolina! Kerry Collins, I admired because he QB'ed for Penn State, a college that my sister-in-law's family went to. I was happy for Joe Paterno. He joined the club. As far as i am concerned-BC Lions are the big Cats, while the Panthers , are nothing but kittens who have lost their mittens! Hope you are well Greatmystic. Take care! Myles

the Lions will Roar in 2024 - with or without us. Peace out.

Amen, Brother, Amen!!!! Take care! Myles