Another Failed Football ?eague?

Looks like they are postponing that new AAFL in the US until 2009. Doubt it'll ever get going like so many before it.

Hopefully the link works. If not go to CNN Sports Illustrated.

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It was a pretty goofy idea, anyways. Without a TV deal there was no point.

Too bad the XFL didn't hang on longer than one year (lost their TV deal). They were about the best alternative football league since the American League.

What a downer it will be for
the player's pro football dreams
if this thing does blow up.

CFL teams will be picking through the debris.

Back up QBs familiar with the CFL
should be appealing to someone.

Eric Crouch was their big star...for the most part the AAFL was made up of guys who wouldn't make a CFL roster.

Als signed Sandidge and Dede two of the top 12 draft picks. I suspect there are a 12 prospects or so that could interest CFL teams. Especialy the younger guys.


Good news for the CFL

Yeah i was hoping that league would start on time it's as usual they can;t seem to get TV time contracts cause they aren't sponsored by the NFL tv networks wouldn't get on board i sure do miss the USFL and they got screwed by the NFL that league would still be going strong had it not bee pickled by the NFL