Another Ex NFL QB tries his luck in the CFL

Akili Smith signs in Calgary

was the 3rd Pick of the 1st of the 99 Draft
Cincy thought he a great QB but was a Bust.

Here is a Fact ... About Mass

Maas was considered a solid bet to take Oregon's starting job, until the arrival of high-profile transfer Akili Smith. Smith was drawing rave reviews from the football establishment as a better pure athlete, but Maas's numbers early in the year were comparable. Maas drew rave reviews by throwing for five touchdowns in a game against Stanford, but it was Smith who ended up taking the long-term starting job.

Maas spent the rest of his time at Oregon riding the pine, finishing with career totals of 120 completions on 226 attempts, 1,763 yards, nineteen touchdowns and eight interceptions. Both Maas and Smith left Oregon in 1999, and while Smith was drafted third overall by the Cincinnati Bengals, Maas took a Bachelor of Science in sociology and, undrafted, tried to continue his professional career the hard way. The pattern of losing a starting job to a flashier new arrival despite his own strong play would repeat itself twice later in Maas's career.

I dont think Akili will ever be a starter here...He must be into his 30s by now and to come and play the Canadian game now is probably too late...However theres something that makes me feel hes a natural fit in Calgary and can almost picture him starting there 1 day...I dunno why