another dumb trade?

Just wondering....but what did we really gain in giving away Tad Kornegay to the west for Anderson who is cut and French who never seems to play.

u gained absolutely nothing...remember when the bombers traded Kamau Peterson for Chris Brazzell.. Ticats got ripped off

Tad wasn’t going to make the team. at least we got something for nothing…

Think about it - if a player like Tad (great guy, BTW) can’t make THIS team, then the players we have in the secondary must really be good prospects…

Sig is right, Tad wouldn't have been here regardless and French and Anderson wouldn't have made the team in Sask so rather than trying to sign them as free agents they just traded them.

Plus we still have French in our possession so clearly there still is an upside to this trade.

Kamau played better than Chris ever did here... id rather have Kamau than Brock right now.

d rather have Kamau than Brock right now.
That is crazy for pretty much every reason.

Tad isn't even starting for Saskatchewan anyways.

Tad was very expendable. He got beat on coverage constantly. I was glad to see him go. I just wish Marcel would have shown more patience with Thyron Anderson. Shouldn't a coach have more say in a player being cut?

Shouldn't a coach have more say in a player being cut?
Maybe he did.

Maybe he didn't? who knows?

Do ya think that it might have been Taaffe's call to cut him?

Kamau played well last season, led our team in receiving IIRC and when things were THAT bad he was one of the lone bright spots. He asked for his release after being asked to take a pay cut (Funny how Brock didnt get asked to take a pay cut).

He's playing well in Edmonton right now and might not have the big numbers, but seems to be making the big catch at the big time for them.. more than I can say about Brock.

Maybe it was Taaffe’s call…we’ll never know. It just seems that Marcel seems to have no patience when it comes to receivers, only starting quarterbacks and lack of wins.

I would have kept Peterson and Flick.

Exactly what i thought. As for having French he is just a liability, he cannot catch a cold. French must have been the handicap to get the trade to go as Anderson is better than Kornegay but French makes it equal.

I'm pretty certain that Charlie decides who plays and who doesn't.

Ditto, deisel27.

Charlie would not be here if he did not have on field control on who plays/stays.
It is great to see a football management structure back after a lengthy absence. We still might keep the Cup in every decade streak yet!