Another dumb rule

How many of you knew this rule.

After Montreal scored the safety on Edm last night, or Edm on Mtl.

Montreal had 3 choices.

  1. Have Edmonton kick from their 35
  2. Start from their own 35
  3. Kick off to Edmonton from their 35

Who would ever choose option 3

Yeah they might as well add a fourth option....decline the safety.

i think you may have read the rules wrong or something…the team who the safety(Montreal) was scored against must give the ball back to the team who scored the safety against them(Edmonton). either the team(Montreal) can take it at the 35 or be receive a kick…the team who had the safety scored against them (Edmonton) cannot receive the ball

Nope I read it right
The team that scores the saftey has the option to kick the ball away.
Why who knows?

I have the 2005 rule in pdf but they are not copy and pastable. so I cant print it here

Here ya go. its the second option

A safety touch is scored when the ball becomes dead in the possession of a team in its own goal area, or touches or crosses the dead-line or a side-line-in-goal as a result of the ball having been carried, kicked, fumbled or otherwise directed from the field of play into the goal area by the team scored against, or as a direct result of a kick from scrimmage having been blocked in the field of play or goal area.

After a safety touch, the scoring team may elect to have the ball next put into play as follows:

By scrimmaging the ball at its own 35 yard line, or
By kicking off from its own 35 yard line, or
By requiring the team scored against to kick off from its 35 yard line.

here is the link

[url=] ... y&ceid=9#7[/url]

scroll down


Also if the safety ties the game and you have a gale force wind at your back, you might try to kick a last minute single. I think thats why that opion is there.

Good point but you can't get a single on a kick off unless someone touches the ball first. You would be better off to have them kick into the wind and try to get the single on a field goal attempt.

If there was not enough time scrimmage on your own 35 and go for the 82 yrd field goal

Or if you are up by 5 points with a minute left on the clock,and you don't want the other team to try an onside kick, and you want to pin them deep, you might elect to kick off. Different strategies...I guess.

Nope because you can elect to take the ball at your own 35 and not let them kick. no-onside that way

I might be wrong on this but I think I remember the Riders scoring the safety, as in getting the 2 points, and then they kicked off. I think it was in the Daley era. I am a little foggy on it, but I think I remember screaming my head off when this happened.

Leave it to the riders :mrgreen:

I remember something like that too! There was a good reason behind it....but I forgot what the theory was.

If you ever remember let me know.

Good one 13, I was not aware of option 3. I guess it just covers all the bases.

Cal Murphy used ithat little used rule in 1984 vs. the Toronto Argonauts in Winnipeg. The game was close in the 4th, and Winnipeg's defence was top notch. Trevor Kennard had one of the best kickoff averages in the league and the Bombers had not allowed a touchdown off of a kickoff up to that point. The Bombers kicked, pinned the Argos inside their 20, and forced a two-and-out.

Thanks I knew I saw it somewhere.....God, was it really that long ago?

Stll it seems strange to give the ball away.

Which is why we don't see it very often

Actually it isn’t “another” dumb rule at all. It is a consistent rule with all other scoring except for a rouge (single). The team not-in-possession at the time of the score can choose to receive the kick-off, or make the kick-off; applies to touchdowns, safeties and field goals.