Another dumb quote by Durant after the game

"Some of the best struggle,'' Durant said. "If (the) coach loses confidence in me after one game, I guess he never had it in the first place.''

I for one am getting sick and tierd of Durants whinning through the media. He deserved to get paulled yesterday. He has alot of growing up to do. The way he played his stock on the free agency market just slid 1000 points. Go play the game when you get the chance and admit responsibilty for your poor performance.

Wouldn't mind to see/hear this in the context of the full interview. Might give a more complete perspective Would you/anyone have a link?

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Redstalion i don't blame durant at all for anything he says if he said those things, he did very well got hurt and they gave the job to someone else, its like oh well we have nobody else you can go in now, don't worry about the Riders QB issues as the Stamps will have more when Burris blows another playoff run

Durant is saying that he stuggled in this game but he thinks he deserves another shot.

I think he is right Bishop had 5 bad games and 2 wins and they kept going with him I think they owe Durant another chance.

Durant is a "sucky-baby" and I'm sure by now Tilman is tired of his crying to the news Media. First he pouts and whines to the new media when Bishop is brought over, next complains to a fan with all the other rider player in ear shot(Calgary game-He stated he has to go where he is wanted when he is asked to sign with the riders by a fan). Thats 3 strikes. With Tilman I think three strikes and your out. He has this " It's all about me factor instead of being a team player attitude".

With all this be said I do think he deserves one more chance with a start against Edmonton, but for gods sake grow up man and quite airing your laundry in public.

Where did being quite and settling for third string get him. IMO no where. This guy had been the most patient and team oriented guy for a qb I probaly ever seem. He kept quite for 3 years and performed when called on earlier this year. Now he only wants his shot. How long should he be quite. Fowever ?????

I know Americans spell some words differently, humor vs. humour and so on, but I was not aware that Americans spell "quiet" as "quite", that's a new one to me.

U are right its quit in america also. Now substitute quit for quite and stay on topic please.

I think Durant's quote is right on the money, and I would think he was answering a direct question from the media to elicit that response, ie "do you think you will be starting next week". I think it will be shown to be true, I would like to see Durant make another start next week, but I am willing to be Bish will get the reigns.

Miller is a bone head he should have given the reigns to Durant once he was healthy back mid season, if he wasn't starting calibre we would have seen that. And we could have all rode out the season with Bishop. Now we are messing about with our QB situation with all of 2 weeks left before playoffs. Don't like what I have seen out of Miller ever since Bishop came here to be perfectly honest. He has made some bone headed coaching descisions, and personel descisions that don't make sense to me at the very least.

forget this i say give Drew Tate the ball and forget about this issue :stuck_out_tongue:. No in all reality i think Jyles earned a start if he blows it like Durant put DD back in. I hate to say it but some of DD's imcomplete passes reminded me a lot of MC.

Riders smartest decision next week will be to put Durant back in, if i was to bet he is the guy to start and go from there, Bishop always has been good coming off the bench if needed, we will see, TSN's Scott Shultz is a smart football man and he agrees that Durant is the go to guy :rockin:

That would be Chris Shultz. I don't think Scott Shultz would make a one-sided statement like that :slight_smile:

Boone loves Durant. When Bishop played good he said Durant should start. Durant is the Riders future Boone said. This is what he did not say. Or forgot. Durant played 3 quarters against the Lions. Talking about the Lions game last month not in July. Durant was ok but not good. Came in off bench and didnt do much. Same when Durant got to play against Stamps. Ok only. Miller goes back to Bishop to start for next Stamps game. Boone complains. When Bishop was bad against Stamps Boone complains some more. Says Durant is the man. Said Bishops interceptions were not what Riders need.

Durant gets to start against Hamilton. He was not ok this time. He was bad. 3 interceptionsin 2 quarters. Didnt get ball to Cates on easy short pass. Remember? Would have been a Riders touchdown. 4 big mistakes in 2 quarters.

Jyles gets another chance. Comes in game. He is 12 of 14. Much better than Durant. Brings Riders back for win. Ran good to. Real good. Same thing he did against Toronto in July game. Came off bench. Led Riders to win when Joseph came back to Regina. Jyles has done this. Played good last 2 games he has played. Durant has done this. Played ok or bad his last 3 games. Other than love for Durant. Why should he start over Jyles? And Jyles never complains. Jyles arm is stronger. And he runs as good as Durant. Boone knows that. But for some reason he keeps saying this. Durant is the Riders future. Should start not Jyles. Go to practice. Watch Bell. I say Riders future is Bell and Jyles. Miller gave Durant a chance against a bad team. What happened? He almost lost the game with 3 interceptions in 2 quarters.

What about Jyles interceptions can't go a game without one. And the one in the Hamilton game was costly, would have been two INT's if not for MD.

What about them?

Well everyone talks about DD's INT's and granted they were all bad and all his fault. But Jyles is also INT prone so I think DD still deserves the start he moved the ball more consistently and I think that with a little more experience he will get everything sorted out. Jyles is a good QB but every game he has gone into this year he has thrown bad picks.

One thing for certain would have happened if Durant had stayed in the game. The 'rider would have lost.

Consistency... Bishop throws 3 untimely interceptions and he pulled... Durant throws 3 untimely interceptions and he is pulled. Fair is fair. Why cut Durant a break and not Bishop? Why treat Durant with more leniency than Bishop?

The first part is purely opinion, there's nothing for certain at all. For all we know he settles in and throws 3 TD's in the 2nd half and we blow Hamilton out. It wasn't a bad decision to go to Jyles, but that doesn't mean we couldn't have pulled it out with Durant.

Why give Durant more leniency than Bishop? He's 26 years old and been in 4 or 5 career games, Bishop is in his mid 30's and been in the league 7 years and has never gotten better, that's why. Obviously Ken Miller is coaching to win, so I don't disagree with the decision he made, but there's plenty of reasons to give Durant more leniency.

Bishop was given the chance to start 6 games and never proved he could get it done. Durant should get another shot. He is young and is going to make mistakes but he deserves to start again. He needs to learn how to deal with the media though.