Another Doomsday Scenario From Another Hogtown Writer.

This time its Sean Fitzgerald from the National Post.
More of the same old same old Chicken Little routine.

I mean these guys got their NFL team in Hogtown that they say all of Toronto has been clamoring for
So can't they concentrate on that, and and let us CFL fans enjoy our bloody league without reading their constant doomsday scenarios all the time?

Because I'll tell ya.
If we lose the CFL, football in Canada is dead deaad dead. And we may as well shutdown the bloody country after hockey season.

I just don't understand why these Hogtown writers just can't let it go? You got your bloody team. NOw get lost!

Here is the article from this latest sky is falling moron:

[url=] ... ?id=586147[/url] do realize that you are giving them the attention they are looking for, right?

This is not a bad article. This guy does not seem to be taking a position but rather is just reporting on the story with opinions and quotes from both sides. This is not a story that will go away anytime soon wheather we like it or not. And it's not a story that is only going to be written about in Toronto over the coming weeks, months and possibly years. I think it's good for people to be able to read this acticle. The issue is not going away so trying to bury our heads in the sand and saying everything will be all right is not a good idea. I love the CFL and would be crushed if it were ever to end no matter what the cause. I'm not saying that I think 100% if the NFL were to come to Toronto on a full time basis that the CFL is done but at the same time I do realize that it would create such severe problems, especially for the Argos and Ti-Cats that the possibility does exist.

My question is what is wrong with Bob Ackles in bC? This guy is making all kinds of doomsday predictions. And he's on our side?
If the NFL does come to Hogtwon, you don't want people like him being involved with the CFL.
He's already given up on all of Eastern Canada if Toronto gets a team.
He's readly to fold the entire league.
What good is he?

Ackles made ONE comment when interviewed at his book release and its being quoted over and over again for months now.

I'm not too worried. The CFL is entitled protection under "cultural industry" clauses and the city of Toronto has zoning jurisdiction.

Not to mention that a healthy CFL encroaching in Buffalo,Detroit, New Hamphshire and Anchorage is not what the NFL wants.

All we got here is a quick and dirty way for the Bills owner to fix his bottom line till the NFL restructures its deal with its player association.

Godfrey and Rogers are s_u_c_k_e_r_s...

Bob Ackles has been great for the Lions and the CFL. Look how the franchise has turned around since he returned to the Lions. I think he really cares about the CFL and therefore is being very outspoken about this issue. Sure he is making some harsh predictions on what could happen. He is just sounding alarm bells is all, and doing it very loudly as to make sure everyone is aware of the situation. As a man who has been associated with or folowed the CFL for 50+ years as he states in this article I have no doubt as to his committment to the well being of the CFL now and to it's continues success and growth in the future. I'm glad he is on our side.

Lets see Bob Ackle's Credentials. BC Lions President and (former)General Manager (1980's), 3 NFL Teams President and General Manager. Nope, the guy has lousy Credentials. Doesn't know what he's talking about. The posters on know more about Football than he does. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

And they should be talking about the Blue Jays eventual demise, bringing in the NFL with NFL buzz and that just quickens the Blue Jays demise. They will need a real baseball stadium soon or else. And baseball teams are not a hot item from what I've heard, many lose money. Wait till the RC goes to 60,000 for the NFL. Ah yes, a nice intimate Fenway or Wrigly place. Yikes, bye bye Blue Jays with a 60,000 RC.

I couldn't agree more... NFL into Toronto = MLB out of Toronto. And why aren't they talking about who's going to pay for the brand new billion dollar NFL stadium?

It seems that the same people who say a billion dollar NFL franchise (and a new billion dollar stadium) in Toronto is inevitable but 15 million dollar CFL franchise in Ottawa/Quebec/Halifax (in a new 100 million dollar stadium) is impossible