Another disappointing year

Where do the Argos go to right the ship - 'cause this termoil has been going on for 3 years now.
Do they even know where to begin...They seem to be digging a hole deeper and deeper.

Well... At least things can't get any worse. Or can they?

For the Argos thing just keep getting worse...I can't wait to see who owns the team next year...Andrus has to come back to fullfill his contract, I just hope he is not the offensive coordinator...Johnathan Brown may leave next year...that would suck...there are just sooo many things that could make it worse.

andrus is a joke, he and mike kelly are fighting for the worst coach in the cfl award. you need better receivers, you have an extremely talented qb in joseph but he isnt utilized because a) they wont let him run often (which i blame on andrus' inability to adapt from the nfl to the cfl) and b) theres no one to make a play for him. as the stats show your d wasnt bad this year. if that same squad comes out with a productive offense i think hamilton or the peg will be shown the bottom of the division once again. but if its possible andrus has to go, that has to be the first move. also i cant see kerry sticking around longer, once his terms allow it and he gets an offer i think he will jump ship...which leaves you with cory pickett. dunno if id rest the team on his shoulders.

Don't expect us to be at the bottom of the division next year. We still got a great bunch of young guys who now know what it's like to make the playoffs, and the team with the most sacks in the league.

You guys seem to be having the same problem we are though. Great defense, but an offense that struggles to work with what they are given. You guys, need to lose Andrus as I will agree he is smothering Joseph and Pickett doesn't seem to be starter material. The fact you guys also lost Bruce was a huge blow to your receiving core, and you need someone to fill that gap. DJ Flick or maybe some young talent, I dunno.

Anyways, there is talk that you might be stealing away our Defensive Coordinator, Greg Marshall if you do can Andrus. I hope it doesn't happen, but it could. I hope things turn around for you guys, having you guys down a Ivor Wynne for the playoffs next year would be good fun.

Hammer, I have not heard anything about Marshall coming to the Argos to coach the D…or to be head coach? I thought Montreal had the most sacks in the CFL this year?

Anyway, I think the Argos are going to be a bad team for the foreseeable future.

Yeah man, there was an article about in the Hamilton spectator. He's saying he wants to eventually get a head coach posistion and if one opens up, he's going to go for it and Bellefeuille has his blessings.

As for the sacks, at the very end of the bellow link. Hamilton 45 Montreal 40, end of the regular season.