Another Day, Another QB

gary lawless ?@garylawless 1h1 hour ago
recently released from #bombers QB Tajh Boyd is on his way to join the Montreal Alouettes today according to #cfl source

Former 6th round Jets choice, his rights were traded from Hamilton to Wpg., but Wpg. released him last week claiming “off-field issues.”

Has history of being inaccurate, a quality we can really use!

Don`t know whether to laugh or cry. Please advise.

Does not even matter. Just another PR guy. It's not like Boyd is starting next week.

Als should look at every Quarterback they can at this point. It is highly unlikely that the Als bring back Crompton and Marsh next spring.

Il ne coûtera pas cher de savoir pourquoi aucune de ces équipes ne l'a gardé. N'attendons pas grand chose de ce passage de Boyd. Popp le fait sans doute pour se ménager des relations avec son agent.

Boyd got bad press as being “wildly inaccurate” at the Senor Bowl but the players there do not practice together much, so I wouldn’t pay attention to such an opinion. At Clemson, he had excellent passing and running skills with completions in the 60+ percent. But he is short and weighs in at about 245 lbs. So Boyd and Boone could wrestle for the right to to play backup every week. :wink:

Merci de ces informations. Pour ma part, si Boyd n’a pas été assez bon pour satisfaire les Bou! Bombers, je ne vois pas comment il pourrait se faire une place chez les Alouettes, sinon en prenant très temporairement la place de Boone.

Maybe he did not like it there. They complained about off field issues. That could mean anything. From not showing up to practice to smoking weed to anything really. He is an accomplished NCAA QB just like Cato and with the likes of Marsh, Crompton and Boone on the roster it cant hurt to give him a tryout.

To me off-field issues might have been not wanting to remain on the practice squad, wanting to dress.

With the QB merry go round we`ve been through it gets easy to be cynical. Law of averages, eventually we have to hit on a winner!

Anybody know how Boyd did today at his tryout? Was he signed?

Popp said they will workout Boyd some more tomorrow. If the Als like what they see, Boyd will be invited to minicamp next year.

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In today`s media scrum Popp said he was quite impressed with Boyd and his background, and there was a possibility of adding him to the practice roster.

Yet another reject from another team being touted as the next big thing. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Does Popp even remember how to get off his a$$ and recruit anymore?

and a reject from two teams at that. . .

Yep. Enjoy the ride to franchise bankruptcy within a few years. Wheee!!!

Re: Another Day, Another QB

Postby HfxTC » Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:41 pm
Als should look at every Quarterback they can at this point. It is highly unlikely that the Als bring back Crompton and Marsh next spring.

I believe the above suggestion is appropriate. Some CFL teams have been creative in advertising for QB camps where all former NCAA QBs, many of whom believe they have the qualifications, would jump at such an opportunities. Indeed, I believe the BC Lions obtained LuLay by such an endeavor.

D&P I recognize and sympathize with your frustration, but you are sounding like an ex-spouse so bitter they would criticize curing cancer as putting research scientists out of work.

It saddens me to see/feel/infer your pain but even more to no longer feel better informed after reading your posts.

Traded from one team and released by another that has shown less QB judgement than the Als, so may easily have missed something. See no reason to get upset over a possible 2016 TC project.

And Timothy`s endorsement of a QB not named Cato has to count for something!

Oh I'm not upset in the least.

Just not expecting much from this guy; we have to keep looking.

I suspect that what happened is Popp put Boyd on the Als neg list when he was released by the Bombers. So these past 2 days, he was taking a look to see whether Boyd is worth signing or inviting to next year's minicamp.