Another controllable blunder

besides "the fumble" that was fatal was the early offside penalty against Tisdale that kept an eventual Als scoring drive alive.

Als were 2nd and long near mid-field (TiCats side if not mistaken) and Tisdale suddenly came up to the line of scrimmage to challenge and "bump" a Montreal receiver. Problem is, he encroached within the 1 yd separation, Floyd sacks Calvillo for a good size loss and instead of 3rd and a punt, an offside penalty and Montreal goes on to score a TD.

Only pointing this out because overall, Cats have really improved on penalties this year, especially the "stupid" controllable kind (ie, offsides) but it shows how one moment of carelessness or inattention can be a killer.

Also wonder where the flags were on a Bruce catch near the sidelines when he was clearly being dragged down before the ball arrived. Flags should have flown even though he caught the ball (if they were thrown, they didn't appear in the TV shots and no mention by the commentators). Would the refs have called interference if he did not catch the pass? If it's interference, it's interference, successful catch or not.

They were slow to throw on Thompson (crowd influence?) on the late-in-the-game, questionable interference call but they looked like they were going to let the obvious one committed against Bruce go.

The officiating inconsistency often drives me nuts!

If you look close at the Mcdaniel fumble it looks like Cox got his hand in Mcd’s facemask it was probably a judgement non call by the ref that was closest

I said it last wk. there are home fields were it is almost impossible to win in due to poor refs. Montreal is one of them.
The others, Sask., B.c.and Edmonton.
Do 8)

The refs missed the blatant hit on Stalla from behind !!! Yet they call an illegal motion in their red zone where you would have to have unbelievable eye sight to catch it . Their is a big difference in the red zone between second and 5 and second and 10
. Tell me Montreal doesnt get the calls !!!!! I for one am sick of it !!!!

Montreal throws a backup in , he`s thrown only 5 passes all season long yet he can stand in the pocket and his O line doesnt have to give the guy any extra time to throw the ball ?? He sees the field as well as Calvillo who has played for EONS ??? I dont think so !!! That is Glens strength over Porter and he has played way more than the backup in Montreal so give me a break please !!!!!