Another contribution to Hamilton from David Braley

Nice job once again Mr Braley. :thup:

David Braley makes $3 million donation to Mohawk College
The David Braley Athletic and Recreation Facility will be completed in September

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should be putting all this money towards an Argo stadium

I bet that's a $3M donation that would have gone to mcmaster had they allowed the tabbies to play there this year.

Some senators - probably the vast majority - are good people. It's amazing how a few bad apples can sully the reputation of the group as a whole.

People need to stop blaming MAC for the stadium fiasco. It's the Westdale Community Association & it's various lobbying groups that exerted enough pressure on the University to make hosting TiCats games not possible.

It wasn't the school. It was the pressure of the community around the school. For everyone that blames MAC ... Do your research & look into what happened. It was the various Westdale business & community associations. Not MAC.

Too Bad Braley didn't hang around long enough as Tiger-Cat owner instead he bailed out on Hamilton, purchased BC Lions brought a Grey Cup Winner there several times, Bought The Argo's brought them a Grey Cup Winner last year, it's like he seems to Win outside of Hamilton at least in Sports, I know he's done great financially in Hamilton with his business and has been a model citizen in supporting other areas and charities but he could have been the complete home town hero if he stuck it out with the Tiger-Cats and our fans?? It's kind of like the feeling we had when Mike O'Shame left the Cats for the Argo's, it just didn't feel the same anymore because he was Now an Argo-Snot!!!!

Without guys like Braley and Bob Young we wouldn't have much of a CFL. These two guys are willing to invest their own money and lose millions every year. That is dedication to the league. Braley has sunk a lot of money into higher education too and deserves the reward of being a Senator, he is more deserving than some of the others in there.

David Braley was a good guy before he became a senator. Nothing has changed. You can't beat those old Westdale Warriors. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old Warrior guy)

Notable Westdale high alumni,

Lincoln Alexander, (1922 - 2012), served as the 24th Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario from 1985 to 1991. Also voted the "Greatest Hamiltonian of alltime".

David Braley, (1941 - ), CFL, owner of the B.C. Lions and owns Orlick Industries in Hamilton.

Harry Howell, (1932 - ), Hockey Hall-of-Famer, longtime star for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League.

Russ Jackson, (1936 - ), CFL Hall-of-Fame Football player.

Eugene Levy, (1946 - ), is a Canadian Emmy- and Grammy Award-winning actor, television director, producer, musician and writer.

John Munro, (1931–2003), was a Canadian politician. Hamilton's John C. Munro International Airport is named after him

Martin Short, (1950 - ), is an Emmy Award-nominated Canadian-American comedian, actor, writer, singer and producer.

Steve Staios, (1973 - ), is a Canadian professional NHL hockey player and member of the Edmonton Oilers.

Tim St. Pierre (1986 - ) is a Canadian football player.

Brian Williams, (1946 - ), is a Canadian sportscaster who is best known for his coverage of the Olympic Games.

Jim Young, (1943 - ), is a former professional American football and Canadian football player.

Except those Delta Red Raiders, my school and team. :thup: :thup: :thup: