Another consideration on last nights disaster

I have not posted in eons…and I have browsed much of the posting since last night. Ok, so it looked like the same old cats…bad. Lots of room for improvement…
I will give the coaching staff the benefit of the doubt for this ONE game only. Why? Simply, this staff would have had very little film to watch of Montreal prior to the season opener. Pre-season would have provided only limited peeks at their offensive and defensive schemes.
Of course after the 1st half adjustments should have been made.
But lets step back and let this one go. And it better not happen again the next time we play Montreal.
Now with the Argos coming up next week there should be no excuses at all. We have played them and we know their coaching staff, so we should know what they will do and had better have the schemes to stop them and score points.

Last time I looked would be that the brand new ALs staff would not have had a lot of film on the Cats either, didnt seem to matter to them

Except for one thing, the AL's OC last year is now I am sure AC and the other vets would have been able to help the coaching staff with his offensive tendencies.