Another coaching decision loss

Kerry Joseph says this loss is on him. I totally disagree, this loss is on the guy that leap frogged him from 3rd string giving the 2nd stringer the pass. 13 of 26, 2 PI's. What will it take to get a new coach in Edmonton. Don't wait till the off season, do it now. Give the new guy some games to make adjustments for next season. If Reed is gone anyways, don't wait, makes no sense. If Reed is not already on the way out, fire Hervey for keeping him in there!

at one time, joseph was my fav QB in the league, but he just don't got it no more. Couldn't believe how much he played in this game. :thdn:

Not KJ fault nobody can hide from getting old. But what the heck was Reed thinking, why wasn't Crompton playing he could be our backup next year.
Reed says they adjusted the offense for quick passes so Reilly wouldn't get hit, but then they say he was %100 . why change your offense on the most crucial game of the year . I liked Reed's intensity on the field but I think he is just not smart enough to coach a professional football team.