Another class Act = Corey Holmes

A great story about Milt Stegall- I was very impressed reading Corey Holmes response to being named Western nominee for OUtstanding Player and what he thought of the Eastern Nominee Damon Allen. What a class act Holmes was crediting his teammates for the nominee and saying Damon should win and that he admires him so much and that he inspires him to keep in shape in the off season, lead a healthy lifestyle and aim for a long career. I agree with what was said in the other post about Milt Stegall- it is nice to know that there are still humble athletes who realize it is a TEAM GAME, and present themselves to your young as credible ROLE MODELS unlike the terrell owens types of the athletic world!!!!


The CFL must be the league that holds the most of these classy guys.

Among the tops:

Corey Holmes, Barron Miles, Dany McManus, Pinball Clemons, Milt Stegall, Ben Cahoon, Yo Murphy, Travis Moore, John Grace, Malcolm Frank, etc...

.....what about Mark Word?........he quit, then realized his team needed him badly, played for a single game and then was fired, and we didn't even hear anything about his reaction afterwards, he just packed up his locker and went fishing...

Imagine the mess that locker room must be right now. Cutting guys
on the last week. This tops when Don benched both cornerbacks
for the Grey cup and replaced them with two rookies. Who by the way
got burnt all game.

I agree and will add ALLEN and to , THIRDS , list.

HOLMES is a class act!!!!!!!

This doesn't surprise me one bit coming out of Corey. Congratulations.

Great players, like the ones mentioned by everyone here, don't have to go around telling everyone how great they are.......everyone else already knows. Maybe someone should let that jack**s Owens in on that bit of information. Holmes belongs in that category of greatness.

Holmes is one of the most exciting players I have ever seen play in any league. And add to that the fact that we see he is class all the way. Corey, you are no. 1 in my books, hope to get you in The Hammer some day.

Back in '92 I bumped into Matt Dunigan when he was playing with the bombers at a departure lounge at pearson airport. He was about to get in line for a plane with his team, but he was bombarded by me and a few other starstruck kids (i was 18 at the time on a class trip) with our cameras. He politely got out of line (while other bombers players were ribbing the 'big star' in good fun), sat down on some seats nearby, straightened his tie, and signed autographs and posed for pictures with us while we fully took advantage of his politeness, all this while his line was moving onto the plane. At the end he had to run to make last call for his trip with his team, but never complained and had a smile throughout asking us what CFL teams we cheered for and smiling like he was genuinely enjoying himself. Class act throughout, and really made our day. I'm not sure many 'big league' nfl players would have taken that kind of time for a couple of kids right after they had just lost an away game the day before, and is just another story how these players are accessible, humble, and about as good at being role models as any pro athelete ive seen. Snappy blue suit too.

he is very classy guy on and off the field imho.

Has anyone ever had any personal encounters with Doug Flutie? I was wondering cuz he was such a great ambassador, and seemed like a decent guy. But I heard one guy's story on the radio that really soured how I felt about him. I'm not sure if it was after a game or after a pratice or what, but a father and his son asked if he would pose with the son for a photo. He grudgingly agreed. The father then had some trouble with his camera, and Flute rolled his eyes and stormed off without a word, leaving them standing there speachless. The father said he lost all respect for him.

So this is only one side of the story, and you don't know what was on his mind, or what kind of a day he was having. That's why I was interested to hear anyone else's experience. Is he a class-act too........... or a dick?