Another Chris Williams thread

I thought we should have another thread on Chris Williams since he is one of the few players we can get excited about at the moment. published an article called "THE ROUGE: IS TICATS' WILLIAMS AMONG BEST SCORING THREATS?"

The author asks whether CW should be mentioned in the same breath as all-time greats like Gizmo Williams, Milt Stegall, Allen Pitts, Pinball Clemons, etc.

So just for fun, I took a look at some punt return stats.

Pinball: 8 TDs in 610 punt returns (career) = 1 TD every 76 attempts

Gizmo: 26 TDs (1st all-time) in 1003 punt returns (career) = 1 TD every 39 attempts

Earl Winfield: 11 TDs (2nd all-time) in 281 punt returns (career) = 1 TD every 26 attempts

Chris Williams: 4 TDs in 33 punt returns (this season so far) = 1 TD every 8 attempts

Pretty amazing number. OK, so I just took this season's stats to make our guy look a little better. If you add in last year's punt returns (zero TDs), he's got 4 TDs in 45 returns, meaning a TD "only" once per every 11 attempts. Still not too shabby.

Also interesting that CW has accounted for more than half (5 of 9) of all kick return TDs in the entire league this year. For context, there were only 8 kick return TDs all of last season - including one each by Williams (kick-off) and Thigpen (missed FG).

Note: there have been no kick-offs returned for a TD in 2012 - presumably because Chris Williams is not on the kick-off return team. (Almost sounds like a Chuck Norris joke.)


Which raises the question, why not? In particular, why was he not back there on the kickoff at the end of the game in Montreal when we needed points or at least field position? :?

Good point. Never really thought of that but when we are in a desperate situation like we were in Montreal, why wouldnt we put a guy who is scoring a TD every 8 attempts back???

My guess is that they don't want to burn him out. I recall him saying in an interview that if he was asked, he would gladly return kickoffs if it would help the team, but I think the team is just worried that if they put too much on his plate, he might get tired by the end of the season. Agree or disagree with that reasoning, but that's likely why he's not doing both.

My main thought about Chris Williams is that the Ticats had better continue utilizing this guy as best as possible, since I would bet the farm that he won't be here next season. He'll be on his way down south pursuing his NFL career this time next season. :cowboy:

correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe the Cats signed Williams to a 2+1 contract, which the club will most assuredly exercise next season.

either way, Williams is one heck of a bargain.

No need to be corrected, Williams goes into his option year next year. The last CBA removed the ability for players to tryout in the NFL during their option year and any such player (like Marcus Thigpen) that has done so signed their deal before the most recent CBA was ratified in June 2010. Williams will be in a Tiger-Cat uniform next season. Whether he is in 2014 is anyone's guess.

Seems strange that we pay Fantuz 3 times what we pay Williams, I say give it all to Williams plus give him a bonus for records that are broken and trade Fantuz for a couple of blockers.

Any predictions for Labour Day? will he break the record for the number of punt returns for TDs in a single season?

Regarding Williams doing kick-off returns as well. They are very different from punt and/or missed FG returns. The collisions are exponentially more violent on kick-offs than other types of returns. Coverage guys get a full +50 yard head of steam against guys that are back peddling. All the cover guys are usually defensive or special teams specialists skilled in tackling, collisions & mayhem as they have no other responsibility on that play - no blocking, looking for a fake, etc. In punt & missed FG's, there's a mix of players and you don't get that full head of speed since as a coverage guy, you're engaged with a block most of the time.

You'll notice that many of the best returners, both here and south of the border, do not return all three types of kicks. You rarely if ever saw Deion Sanders return KO's. Especially the fast, smaller, nimbler, more slight and potentially fragile return guys. Not saying Williams is fragile, just think its not the best idea putting a 170 pound guy back there with 11 200 pound plus headhunters coming at him full bore.

just think its not the best idea putting a 170 pound guy back there with 11 200 pound plus headhunters coming at him full bore.
Williams is listed at only 155lbs which would be even more traumatic if a head to head collision occurred with larger proportioned players, running full tilt towards each other..

this is my worst fear....(aside from cockroaches that is :o )

Great point! Thank-you!

My point was not that I think Williams should be our regular kick returner but more so that when we are in a desperate situation like we were in Montreal, we should put Chris back because who cares if he gets burned out? There is under a minute left in the game and we need a score to win. Chris has proven he is a punt return magician and also took a kick-off to the house last season so why not give him a chance?

However too your post Blogskee, I don't agree with the logic of not having him as a regular however that is the logic Cortez is using but whatever, not the first thing Cortez has done that puzzles me and likely won't be the last.

You guys mean to tell me that if Williams was offered a legitimate shot at the NFL next season (and he would likely be successful), that Obie would be such a selfish dirtbag as to refuse him that opportunity? If I was a player of Williams' capabilities, such a response from Obie would make me think about possibly breaching my CFL contract just to take my big shot at the NFL. My NFL salary would more than help pay for the contract breaching penalties. In any case, I really do think that Obie would reconsider and allow Williams to leave if the opportunity did come calling. It would be the absolute right thing to do (business or no business). This is all hypothetical, of course, so don't get your pants tied in a knot!

Williams signed his contract knowing full well what it entailed. He knew, when he signed, that no matter what he did he would have to wait three seasons before getting a chance to tryout for an NFL team. He's been here two years and will be here again next year. That's the long and short of it.

If the Ti-Cats exercise their option, of course O'Billovich would refuse Williams an NFL try-out. Williams would be contractually obligated to play football for Hamilton in the option year and Williams and his agent agreed to that condition when the contract was signed and are obligated to honour it.
Would you also expect Obie to tear up the contract if an NFL team showed interest in a player in the first year of a contract or the second year? Of course not. Why should the the option year be any different?
Besides, I think you will find that the NFL respects CFL player contracts. I doubt if either league is going to risk a legal confrontation or battle with the other by interfering with legally-binding player contracts in the other league. Williams may be a good player but he's not THAT good.

seymour wrote: Williams may be a good player but he's not THAT good.
blasphemy. :twisted:

Realize that Chris Williams has tried the NFL twice already. Once with the Dolphins & once with the Browns. Injury settlement, then released by Miami - cut by Cleveland. It's not like he is an unknown commodity to GM's south of the border. His size, speed & skill set is suited to the Canadian game & everyone knows that.

What about cockroaches wearing Argonaut gear?

And what if another CFL team wanted to sign Williams to a contract for a lot more money next season? Would Obie be "selfish" if he decided to exercise his contractual rights and keep CW in black & gold for the duration that he agreed to?