Another CFL Pool

Anybody want to join another little CFL pool?
Format is "pick the winning teams and how much they will win by". Simple as that.

But you can also get bonuses by picking against the majority, which I think is kind of a unique twist.
Like if ten players pick one team, and you're the only one to correctly pick the other team you'd get some extra points.
Same thing with the margin of victory. If the pool says on average that a team is going to win by 6 points, and you say they are going to win by 21 points, you can get bonus points for going out on that limb.

There are less than ten players right now but it's always more fun with more people so I'm looking for a few more CFL fans to play against.
Honestly a little nervous about inviting new players, so that's why I left it to the last minute. I definitely don't make any money from this little hobby site. (pool is free to enter, and just for fun).