Another cfl hero bites the dust

Former Mission, B.C., teacher and ex-CFL star charged with sexual assault (

Innocent until proven guilty

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I always hope for not guilty but rarely is it so. Can only hope it is in this case

Not guilty in these cases happens more than you (we) think.

But the charge is far louder than an acquittal.

He's a ruined man now no matter the verdict.

There are times I wish reportage was illegal until results are in.

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What I have a problem with is the women (coincidentally 2 at the same time) coming forth 12-13 years later.

Should we anticipate some woman coming forth with a Biden incident from the 60s?

And I've seen that reality both ways too. Sometimes the crime was so brutal and the women so terrified and shaken that these things will take time.

And also one gets into discussions of varying statutes of limitations to report various crimes, which ought to be uniform but seem to vary according to jurisdiction and politics. Right there is an inherent problem for those who are found not guilty as well.

As one recent famous case I won't mention here in Philadelphia went a few years ago, as I heard from one of the locals around at the time of the alleged crimes and around some of those parties, many of the women coming forward, after those perhaps legitimately doing so, were smelling blood and money in the water though fully consenting at the time of any given alleged crimes against others.

If you have Prime video, check out a movie called Brian Banks

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Pedos aren't heroes

You are not a pedo until you are convicted...or confess

He ain't my hero

Not the point

Hope he gets the point in GP. Nice to know you protect molesters

You are kidding right?
Is the concept of innocent until proven guilty new to you?

Have you ever heard of Brian Banks?
Have you ever heard of isaac wright jr
Have you heard of the Central Park 5?
Have you ever heard of Ricky Jackson?
Have you ever heard of Mamadi Ill Fara Camara last month here in Montreal?

The innocent until proven guilty only applies to white offenders. Those guys you brought up were railroaded because of their color. I bet you even money he say he had CTE that prompt him to violate his victims abd wasn't in the right frame of mind. yeah, kickers get CTE

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What are you talking about?
The point is, there were all innocent
What does colour have to do with anything?

Is it because Sweet is white that he is guilty? Is that what you are saying?

Brian Banks was not railroaded! He was falsely accused by someone who later admitted it never happened

So again, what is your point?

There are two sets of justice for offenders. Leniency for Whites. Hard time for people of color. The old dude is going to use his age, white privilege, state of mind to get off. Six counts is difficult to dissuade.

What the hell is wrong with you? Where's your sympathy for the victims? Don't let your rationale get clouded by his football career with the Alouettes. I hope he gets what is coming to him. That would be SWEET!

That has nothing to do with anything.
Other than you saying that he is guilty because he is white and they were innocent because they are black
Race has nothing to do with this

Really? You think that because he played for Montreal I am defending him?
What part of innocent until proven guilty do you not get?

What victims? It has not been proven that it even happened...
The woman who accused Bria Banks admitted that she lied
Is it not possible that these two lied as well? Oh! They are white so they dont lie? Is that it?
Students lie all the time and accuse teachers
Is it possible that they are mistaken?

It happens all the time!

On a side note, this is why we need a proper off topic section

I don't care about the Banks case because it has no connection to the Sweet crime.

What part of SIX counts don't you get? Blaming victims is an old defense trope. Sexual predators can't be rehabilitated. It's in their nature to violate the innocent. The innocent needs to be protected. The old dude used his power to violate his victims to get his rocks off.

The John Howard called, you're wanted on your shift

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But it proves that people lie!

Where did I blame the victim? It has not been proven that there even was a victim because people lie!

Brian Banks was a victim...You don't seem to care about him!

Why is it so hard to understand innocent until proven guilty? WHy?

Why are so so willing to ruin a man's life based on what could be a lie or a mistake. no questions asked?

Students falsely accuse teachers all the time? Why is it so hard to believe this could be a lie or a mistake?
That's why its innocent until proven guilty

What is it that you think the courts are for

AS for your John Howard comment...well its nice to see you can't have an adult discussion

For your info

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