Another castaway to tryout for Cats

According to CFLdaily on Twitter, the recently released Demetris Summers will attend TC with the Ticats this Sunday.

I'd appreciate inside info. on this guy since I do recall hearing his name called for returns and stuff but payed little attention to him and there's nothing on youtube for him.Thanks Stamps fans :slight_smile:

Also why did the Stamps dump him? It looks like he's still as good as ever on returns after having returned from an injury that sat him out for 11 games last season. Who on the Stamps is going to take over as return man?

It's amazing that this guy can't find much time also at running back somewhere in the CFL too. What gives in that regard? Bad ball security when running through the line with contact as opposed to in open space?

When reading the title of this thread, did anyone think the Ticats had signed Gilligan or someone from Oceanic Flight 815? :lol:

Or Tom Hanks? That would be pretty sweet.

Wow a new tangent ...castaway tryouts in Hamilton?

  1. Ginger or Mary Anne for head cheerleader?

  2. The Skipper or Captain Bligh for head coach?

  3. Tom Hanks or Robinson Crusoe for quarterback?

  4. Wilson or Friday at slotback?

Can't the world just agree to forget about Lost...

Got that one covered Chief ...perhaps like a few others I sure as heck never cared!

Never watched an episode of it myself. Had to google for the flight info. :lol: