Another Canadian league???

I'm thinking my wife might be back on the pipe again, but she said she thought she heard on the radio about the formation of another pro football league in Canada (or at least one with Canadian teams)............ Has anyone else heard anything or am I going to have to put back in rehab? Meth is a crazy drug, lol.


i ahnvt heard anything. im still looking though. could she have heard some things about the bills on toronto? i also caught a small buzz of another nfl experiment in either montreal or vancouver. but nothing about more pro football in canada.

I've done some looking around the interwebs...

Found something on some university type football out east, but hardly pro:

[url=] ... eague.html[/url]

There is something on a new arena league, but nothing in Canada that I can see:

[url=] ... le1304776/[/url]

I also heard something recently about Vancouver and the Jacksonville Jaguars. AFAIK it was a Ken Rosenthal-type, down in the U.S., stirring a pot.

the first, sounds like a new Junior league in the maritimes, and congrats on them for finally getting one! :thup:

the second, sounds like the new AFL that starting up. good news IMHO.

besides some rumors bout the UFL, AAFL, or USFL, trying to put a team in Toronto, which is more myth than fact, I can't think of anything else it could be.

would be cool to see a Canadian version of the AFL.

BC Place is not a NFL quality stadium (Rogers isn't either, but better than the aging stadium in buffalo), I really doubt their is any serious attempts to have a NFL team play more than just one regular season game there, in the NFL's lame duck attempt to draw fans worldwide.