Another Brain Cramp by Bob Young

A quote by Bob Young in a June 24th Globe & Mail article by Rachel Brady titled “CFL Mounts Fan Blitz to Reverse 2016 Ticket Slump”…

“Coaches and players need to understand that they’re in the business of entertaining first and of winning football games second”.

Really Mr. Young?
If that’s the case, why doesn’t the CFL get rid of points and scoreboards and all those boring details and just decide games based on number of fans in the seats, television and portable device ratings and favourite team contests?
As vice-chairman of the CFL board of governors, why don’t you suggest to your colleagues that the next commissioner should be a Vince McMahon clone so they can run the league like the WWF?
Tell your coaches and players that winning doesn’t matter any longer as long as the fans are being entertained. Based on that premise, your team’s no-show against the Argos on Sunday must be deemed a success since Argos’ fans were being thoroughly entertained throughout!

Frankly Mr. Young, your statement is a joke. What the he!! were you thinking?

To me, the best entertainment is seeing my team win.

This was the article, I think you have to read the whole article and read the rest of what Bob Young said. He's right the CFL is in the entertainment business and you'd better entertain the fans to bring them back.

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8) seymour, the correct name for Vince McMahon's billion dollar empire is WWE !!! not WWF.
 Name changed at least 8 -10 years ago !!   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

No, I cited the old-school WWF instead of the WWE intentionally.
The WWF… now THAT was entertainment! :smiley:

With the season opener in mind, any chance Bob's already told them? :roll:

I'd rather watch my team in an ugly win than a pretty loss any day!

Bob is right....sort of....Entertain me by WINNING!! That's what brings fans into the stadium. All the rest is fluff.

That was definitely a cringe comment; but he does own it. It's like the "Argo Sucks" issue he tried to quell. Maybe it's just an Ancaster thing :smiley:

The day that winning football games ceases to be the #1 priority for coaches and players in this league is the day that the league forfeits any and all remaining credibility.
There is nothing in the article that can justify Bob Young’s ridiculous premise.

He's talking about PLAYERS AND COACHES, I get what he's saying, its not their fiefdom. Frankly I"m encourage seeing new dynamic and more professional ownership come into the league. Ottawa, Toront and Calgary all have big time owners now. BC will get a new dynamic direction when Mr. Braley sells. Then there is Montreal....

What was the earlier brain cramp?

Probably buying the team :lol:

Go away, troll.

I like that answer.

Another explanation: To some people, everything the Tiger-Cats do or say, every decision they make, day in and day out, is wrong.

Exactly, you have a minimum of 40IQ points on the guy with the troll comment.

Another Brain Cramp by Bob Young
by seymour » Tue Jun 27, 2017 3:38 pm

A quote by Bob Young in a June 24th Globe & Mail article by Rachel Brady titled "CFL Mounts Fan Blitz to Reverse 2016 Ticket Slump"...

"Coaches and players need to understand that they're in the business of entertaining first and of winning football games second".

The CFL needs to entertain first is what Bob meant I'm sure .
Anyone finding coaches challenges entertaining ,long delays back to the command centre entertaining?
I thought it was good idea at first and coaches are doing it to win for sure ,but it sure isn't entertaining to sit in the stands for long delays ,boring and frustrating results many times .
Officials who screw up and take away entertainment of the fans in the stands .We in Hamilton have seen that several times the past two seasons .
The CFL has to remember to entertain, no kidding.

The Caretaker is right! If the Cats went 17 - 1 but all the wins were by the score of 3 - 2. how entertaining would the games be? We lose one game and the trolls are at the gates. Negative Nellies like Seymour and his ilk would be happy if they killed the Canadian game.

The "innernet" exposes fans to all kinds of people. Most on this site are polite, knowledgeable TiCat supporters. Others are just pains in the ass who need any attention that they can get. The Caretaker is a very successful businessman who has saved our TiCats from the scrap heap and you have the nerve to criticize him? Please! Just go away troll.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Making the game entertaining for all fans is very important but so is winning and it's a fine balance to keep especially in the CFL and in cities like Hamilton and Toronto.

In Hamilton it's the only major pro attraction, community based, so win or lose fans will attract and be entertained by the complete package and variety of game day activities outside of even the big game itself that day.

The Tiger-Cats do need consistency though in winning because that keeps the momentum up and the die hard fans of football interested and back in the seats.


It's a sad day when the biggest concern we have about our team is a few comments by the owner regarding the entertainment value of his league.

For those of you who disagree, how do you explain the popularity of the concourses at THF, or the excitement of fans when the see themselves on the jumbo screen?