Another Bomber signs in Montreal

Cam Hall....

What is it that Popp likes so much about ex-Bombers ? Is Tom Canada next on his list ?

Very strange indeed. Team now has 11 or 12 linebackers depending how you count them. Maybe they want to experiment with Shea Emry as a starter and will need NI to back him up? Or they have a trade planned out.

...we have a few more cast-offs HfxTC, would you be interested in Glenn also...he'd be closer to home :wink: .....the Montreal Blue Bombers.. :lol: :lol:

Montreal has 7 Quarterbacks but thanks :slight_smile:

.......AND apparently 23 linebackers.......... :lol: :lol:

appears the alouettes are going to be relying heavily on QBs and LBs this season. :lol:

as for hall leaving, oh well. guy showed some potential but when it got put on him with simpson hurt, he really fell under the pressure. he also seemed to lose the ability to tackle last season, which is a pretty important attribute for a linebacker to have.