Another Blown Call(Merged)

scrue the ball man....his hand moves you can see the ball hit his hand..but hey when you fire tom higgins.....he will '' get you back'' lol

Definitely didn't touch Howell. That was clearly evident from the replays.

well come on, he's obviously upset, and he's talking out of his ... and he clearly is wrong.

sorry but I'm upset because we've had 3 threads all saying "ESKS SCREWED!" basically..

when the damn replay clearly shows it was the RIGHT CALL!

enough already.

it's like talking to a child.... :roll:



if the ball hits his hand???? the ball changes the way it moves!!!

how hard can it be for you to comprehend this???

did you flunk physics??

Why do you even care so much? You had absolutely nothing invested in this game. Your team doesn't play until next week. You're acting like this topic is some sort of personal attack against you. Chill out, man. Take a breather. Make yourself a drink. :wink:

Never hit his hands, because his hands move he touched it ? That's not enough. The ball never changes direction in the slightest when it gets close to his hands.
I think the guys at the CFL headquarters, may have better equipment than the average guy drinking beer on his couch ,watching the game. It sounds crazy,but true !

there, nuff said! this topic has been beaten to death.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Both his hands moved... because he was tracking the ball. Watch the replay again, his left and right hands are both moving down at the same rate. If his right hand moved differently/faster than his left, I would say you had a point. But it doesn't, and you don't.

Riddle me this corneskers... the Esks fired Higgins in 2005, but the Stamps fired him in 2007. So by your logic, wouldn't he have more of an ax to grind against the Stamps?

Hey Chief, are you sponsored by Gibson's Finest?

Maybe... :wink:

I thought the 2nd challenge the Eskimo player might have touched it before it landed out of bounds, but because the player obstructed the camera view it was inconclusive and the right call by the officials.

The Video replay didn't show him touching the ball or not touching the Ball so the ruling on the Field should have stayed same for the second challenge.


video replay clearly showed the ball did not touch Howell.

Is this your opinion ? The Commentators said the replay couldn't tell . unless I missed something.

doesn't mean they're correct.

the video replay, close up and slow motion.. clearly showed the ball

the ball hit the ground, uninterrupted. any sort of contact with the ball would have sent the ball moving in a new direction.

then after the ball hit the ground, you watch it, the motion the bounce sent the ball in to the right again was uninterrupted, no hands touched it, otherwise the ball would have changed how it moved.

it's really a pretty basic physics experiment when you look at it.

if contact had been made on the football, it would have moved a certain way once it hit something..

Not if the Ball had grazed the top of his foot this would have kept the ball traveling in the same direction unless the camera had a better angle the play was inconclusive . It has to be clearly shown for the Refs to reverse the call . We could Argue about this all night. the play should have not been reversed .

I love the arrogance of cflisthebest. He’s right, and that’s all there is to it! :lol: Oh well. I don’t see any point in arguing it. In the end, the Eskimos didn’t do enough to win.

the ball wasn't even close to hitting his foot! the ground would never have done what it did if it HAD!

and Chief.. stop it, I'm not trying to prove anything. it's plain and simple! the video replay is very clear!

the ball hits the ground, bounces.. goes right..

at no time during that event, did the ball touch Howell in ANY way...

You don't even try to understand what others are saying... it's always the same: I'm right, you're wrong! Your arrogance is nauseating. You can't even admit that there's a tiny possibly that you might be wrong... and when you are wrong, and it's proven to you, you come out with some crap like, "Whatever..."

cause i'm not wrong! it's not an opinion..

the video replay isn't lying! you can clearly see the ball hit the turf, not his foot.. you can clearly see the ball moving without any sort of contact with the player.. it's really not up for discussion! the video is enough proof!

i don't see how people can seriously contest a video that shows it so well!??!

if I could get a hold of the video and run it, very slow, you'd see it.

the ball hits the turf, makes the little divot mark..

that proves the ball didn't hit his foot.

the ball bounces right, and the movement of the ball because of the bounce.. never gets changed by a finger or hand.

that proves the ball didn't touch his hand or hands.

what else is there? seriously??