Another Blown Call(Merged)

Calgary punt returner touches ball!!!

How in the world can the “command center” overturn this call in the Edm/Cal game? Where is the video proof that the Calgary player did not touch the ball? His right hand clearly hit the ball on the way to the ground, but I guess I’m the only one who saw it…
Even if he DID NOT touch the ball, the call on the field is that he DID. It is now up to the “command center” to have PROOF to overturn the call. Proof was not there, just an opinion call by them. I guess the CFL wants another Cal/Mont Grey Cup.

What a joke! I might as well go watch tiddlie winks on ESPN 2.

oh lord...

I should call you another name.. but it's a swear.

I am trying to contain my disbelief in how unbelievably ridiculous you sound.

that ball never touched Howell. that was the whole reason for the Challenge!! is that Howell didn't touch it. they saw the evidence, it was very EXTREMELY clear... so they called it right, they overturned the call and it WAS Calgary Ball, no argument! none.. zip.

when it hit the ground, the ball not once changed course, even a tiny bit.. when it bounced and went back, it not once touched his hand.

IF (and read this slowlllly), IF the ball had touched him in anyway, the direction, the movement.. the motion the ball had going, would have been altered!, EVEN if it had just grazed his hand, or finger!

the ball at no time during that play changed motion! the bounce was the only change! and it never changed again until it hit the ground the 2nd time.


plain and simple, there is no argument.


Yea clearly touched, put your crack pipe away.

Yeah I like to see the footage that you saw LOL it did not touch him, I did not see a touch on any of the footage that they showed.

guys an Esks fan.

And you're the biggest Esks hater in the country. What's your point? :roll: :lol:

no point..

Tom Higgins is in charge of referees and replays....and i NEVER act like theres a conspiracy....but man oh man the eskies got robbed on those two challenges because you could see that ball turned Howells hand sideays and that rod davis got that ball beforeit went out I SAW THAT>>> if i can see that i T.V then the ref's are scruing us over...but hey if they wanna cheat go ahead.....stamp's enjoy your ''victory''...and people are gonna say im being a poor sport im not.......just look at the evidence....aka the replaysthe challenegs

I hope this is a joke post.

sooo you obviously didnt watch the challenges or the game.......ok

oh go take a nap till July..

I'm so tired of people who clearly haven't seen the right footage.

Howell never touched the ball, the ball the entire time from when it hit the ground to when it bounced away, NEVER once touched Howell.

if it had, Cornesker???

the ball would have altered its movement in some way.. and you notice how the ball never did??

it did not change at all.. you watch the replay slowly.. you can clearly see the ball never changes at all.

and the 2nd call?

that ball was hovering out of bounds before Rod Davis had his hand on it..

means, OUT!! Calgary Ball!

thanks for coming out!

Even if both challenges had gone Edmonton's way, the offence under Kevin Strasser would've found some way to piss it all away...

no he didn't touch the ball but why was it a 15 yd penalty not a 5 as the ball was not in the air ??

.....HOWELL'S HAND MVED WHEN THE BALL CAME DOWN.....the ball hit his hand look at the wont tho cause sinc you won the western division for the first time since my parens married...yahh there 53 wont look...your what they call a.....i dont know what im talking about

because if you touch the ball, first, even if it bounces.. it's a 15yd penalty.

Both calls were right,close but right ! It clearly didn't hit Howel, just before the ref made the announcement , tsn showed a close up and it clearly hit turf and never touched Howell or his hand. The other one, the ball was out, just, but out!

oh shut up..

I saw that replay.. I watched it extremely carefully...

the ball does not change any motion.. the ball, when it hits something, like a hand or ground.. it changes the movement from what it previously does.

notice that after it bounces on the ground.. the ball moved a certain way, and it didn't change at all until it hits the ground again??

so how the HELL does the ball maintain it's current movement, and still hits his hand?

don't you know anything about physics??

It never hit Howell, the evidence is clear and like Ray would have done anything with it anyways.

K, how 'bout you stop telling people to shut up. Jesus. Your start half your posts the same way... :roll:

I'm sure Strasser would've called that play that always works out so well for us... you know the one where Ray fakes it to the RB, and then dumps it to the FB. :roll: