Another blow to the "Toronto NFL only counts" fans

Just read that the NFL has snubbed Toronto once again and is probably putting the 2006 regular season game in London. Smart move by the NFL as they want to grow NFL Europe more and having a game in Toronto would do nothing to enhance their image of "going global." The NFL already has lots of fans in Toronto and having a game there wouldn't grow it any more.

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Break out the kleenex. Paul Godfrey will be crying the blues now!



Hey, how do you think the Americans would react if we'd schedule an Alouettes-Eskimos rematch in Washington or New York? That could be an eye opener for many of our southern friends. Our fanbase can certainly grow out there... just a tought.

I think the problem with that would be getting the field to fit inside a lot of their stadiums. Besides it probably being tough to get someone down there to be willing to do it, and things like that. But if it was possible, I think it might open some people's eyes to the more exciting brand of the game. Especially if it's the calibre of game that the Grey Cup was.

You're right about the field. I remember during the american expantion some fields had 14yard endzones are were not wide enought

I, for one, would love to see an Als-Eskimos game down here in New York. I'd be the first on line to buy tickets. Anthony Calvillo vs. Ricky Ray at the Meadowlands! BRING IT ON BABY!!!!!

Nice NYCFLFAN. I think one thing though is that the CFL shouldn't do anything to peeve off the NFL. The NFL has been pretty darn good to the CFL with that loan of $3 - $4 mill back in the '90's to keep us afloat and we should remember this.

I think that the NFL (all my own opinion in case I offend anyone) thinks of our league as basically a developmental league for them, which in some cases is true.... I doubt that if we did manage to have a game down south in a big centre that it would make them mad. Even if it did draw well, it's only one game, it's not going to cost the NFL any money, and that's where I think it would matter to them if it did.

I don't think that made much sense, I should go home and go back to bed methinks. :slight_smile:

No you made sense! LOL

Actually I don’t think outside of Baltimore, the US Fans would support a CFL game down there. Fans like Kanga, Geo and NYC fan are few and far between. The Americans are “programmed” that the NFL, and Big Ten, Pac 10 are the best. I think we are kidding ourselves if we think a Montreal - Edmonton rematch would draw any big numbers down south.

US Fans wouldn't show up. They didn't show up for the CFL when they had teams (except Baltimore) and they didn't show up in great numbers to watch Flutie and the Stamps take on Rocket Ismail and the Argos in Portland, Oregon.

I also don't think the NFL would care.

I disagree with Earl. The CFL hasn't been great to the CFL. They loan is appreciated, but they NFL has been rewarded quite nicely with the ability to raid CFL players in their option year. That deal was good business for both leagues, but an act of kindness by the NFL.

I can see your point Gainer. But still, don't you think the CFL would be wise to have some prior discussions with the NFL on doing something like having a game there?

Earl, I agree there. If the CFL were to do it, the correct step would be to talk to the NFL first. I am sure they talk to the CFL when they consider a game in Canada as well.

I still say that you guys should have still host the 1997 GC in Baltimore.

But good news, NFL is staying out of Toronto and Canada. Thank you God!

I think it should be in Baltamore, considering that was the only city that realy embraced the CFL and that the Als moved from there. That would be neet to see.

The NFL and CFL have and for a long time have had a close agreement. This benefits both, as the CFL is basically a dev. league for them and doesn't impose on their US-only market.

The AFL also has a strong agreement with the NFL, because the timeframe is completely different (Jan-Feb to May) than the NFL.

The NFL has done a very good job in creating a strong multi-league alliance. No "cut-into" league will have an easy time at taking them, and the NFL avoids a monopoly.

However, NFL German- I mean, Europe, is rather under-promoted here in the US.

Agree that's great news as Godfrey will be turned away yet again. But, I am sure he will have a positive spin, just like when he papers the house with bogus attendance numbers for the Crapjays since his tenure.
But here is the real question for Londoners, they will never be the same again. Insomnia and rigamortise will occur during one of the famous No Fun League classic battles of 10-7. They will burn London down.

A neutral site Grey Cup?? in Baltimore?? I like it!!!!

I think the idea of a neutral site game in the U.S. would work in about 10 years. The CFL has to get to 10-12 teams before even considering the idea. Put teams in Halifax, Quebec City, and maybe another team in Western Canada and that would be golden for the league. Instead of awarding Grey Cup Games to cities, why not start awarding EXPANSION teams. Just keep owners like the goofballs in Ottawa out of the league.

I thibk the NFL euro will be gone in a few years, if things countinue the way they are.