Another bad season is almost over

Thank God....

Next year will be back Roaring into 2007

Charles Taff for head coach....

Sad is the only word one can use... nobody would have ever predicted this.

And if the Ticats lose tomorrow, and they probably will, then they will finish with a 4-14 record. That's even worse than the 5-13 record from last year.

And even if they win to finish with a 5-13 record, this season was one of the more disappointing ones we have been through. The team was supposed to be at least somewhat better than they were last year. And so the we will continue to try to answer this question: How did this happen?

This is the worst season I can remember..

We seemed to spend the entire season with incompitant coaching, no game plan and a quarterback who played injured all season or just wasn't good enough....I'm surprised we won the 4 games!

The Hamilton Spectator yesterday depicted this year's addition of the Hamilton Tiger Cats as the 3rd worst Ticat team in history, but they're number one in my book.

Todd- I think that I agree. It's not the worst by record, but it IS the worst based upon expectations. My memory for games goes back a little over 40 years. I never felt worse than this season.

Well, it's over so let's try to forget about it.

Bob bought this team when it was in receivership and on the way into extinction. He has admitted to making mistakes on the operations side. Without Bob and those mistakes we wouldn't have a team right now.

There is now a football guy in the GM's office, we can expect a qualified and proven CFL coach to be hired, Lumsden is signed for a couple years, and we can expect upgrades in the weak areas of the team.

The big question during the off-season will be what to do about Maas.

At least we're not blue team fans.

Thank god the season is over at about 1:00 am tomorrow. Then let the house cleaning begin.

Amen to that.

For me
I hope The Team is Quick to Hire Charles Taff.
We need to hire a Young coach who has Been Head coach in this league that Narrows it down alittle.

Taff is at Top of List.
everyone else is 2nd Best..

This reminds me of a thread we had earlier on this season. We had a pool in which we were prediciting the exact hour it would be announced that Joe Paopao would get fired. I predicted it would be by by this time, at the end of the season, but I was a little off.

Perhaps we could have similar ones now for other coaches.

And I too am quite relieved that this disastrous season is over. No more Ticat losses for a long timeā€¦