Another angle re getting a new stadium?

I disagree with this. Rogers Center aka SkyDome has already undergone renovations/repairs/upgrades. The Big O has even more. Neither of these venues are that old. To build something new so you don't have maintenance and repair costs is similar to buying a new car and believing that it won't require any maintenance or repairs. If you use it, it will need to be fixed.

Skydome has had zero structural repairs and currently has none forseen. Renovations and particulary upgrades are a plently at the dome, but that's party due to the changing owners and is not maintenance or repair costs.

Albeit, stadiums will always need maintenance, and upgrades keep your customers happy. That's just smart business sense. Ivor Wynne has failed in all these aspects.

The Big O'no, other than the new roof that doesn't open anymore, which was needed to replace a flawed design, looks virually the same in every single way the day it was built, 30 years ago. I swear the caked on dust on the rounded windows looks like it was from the 70's. If you think Skydome has concrete, take a trip there. Montreal got hosed almost a billion for that montrousity. Comparing that mistake to any other stadium, is just not fair.

Have you ever watched Mike Holmes take on a project and get so frustrated, he ends up just tearing out the whole darn thing, so he can start fresh, have a sense of direction and eliminate others mess/problems? That's kind the feeling around Ivor Wynne.

Is the roof part of the structure? I seem to remember a bit of a fender bender occuring way up there above Level 500 one day. That took some decent repairs to fix....I wonder who was asleep at the switch that day.

Was the overhaul of Soldier's Field a bandaid fix?

Beefing up the structural suports while overhauling the entire place would be less costly than building a new stadium...but would feel like a new stadium when it's complete.

Other than structurally and maybe a lack of some amenities...what exactly is the problem with it? It gets used 10 times a fans that I THOUGHT were tough enough and proud enough to not require some new posh Toronto-like stadium.